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Saturday, November 27

Packaging - Peppermint set
seasonal packaging by ; contact seller
Finally, the follow-up to previous post: .  Please check that out if you haven't already. I already covered
  1. For the fashionista's in your life
  2. For the self proclaimed interior decorator/designer
  3. For the sweet tooth
Today I'm continuing with
  • For the kids in your life: yours or someone else's
  • For the men in your life
  • For the product junkies

The Kid's in your life
Each row, L-R: Little People girl $104 by ; simple felt numbers $18 by ; Elliot the Elephant $15 by ; Organic white ruffle dress by ; cow chair $85 by ; Owl Earflap hat $26.95 by ; wee wooden skittles play set $49.95 by ; penguin plushies $15 by ; custom fancie heroes and villains $40 by .

    For the guys

    Numbers 1-9: Ecofriendly shaving kit with beer soap by $35; Mahagony stitch cuff by $55; Wanderlust stainless steel flask by $18; Film v Bullet Messenger bag by $39; Ride Me bicycle t-shirt by $19.99;  Men's foaming shower scrub by $10;  Personalized handstamped money clip by $20.99;  Macbook Air Sleeve case by $65;  Coffee Cup tower your choice by $30.

    The Product Junkies

    Numbers 1-9: Organic facial care 6 step regimen for acne prone skin by   $53; Apple Spice lip balm by $3.95; Creme brulee for kinks, coils and curls by 16oz. $24.50;  Gift set peaches & honey soap by $13; Moroccan Creme Fraiche moisturizer by $26; Water floral frsh tea perfume by $18.50; Organic Moisturizer for acne prone by $16.65; Organic Raw Shea Butter by $8.50; Spa Day in Box by $38.

    P.S.: You may have noticed I finally figured out how to number my images. Will try to do so moving forward. Sorry about past posts. Just don't currently have time to go back and change all of them.

    ALSO, look out for for final Portion of Gift guide. Again, your suggestions are welcome and I would love to create a reader suggested guide.


    1. Wonderful. Thanks for featuring the Medium Control messenger bag, much appreciated!

    2. Anonymous

      Number 8 makes me happy...


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