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How I rocked it

Sunday, October 31

As Purchased on Etsy

Arrowhead necklace $14 from
Cicada $16 from t

And how I rocked it


Traveling in style

With the holidays on their way, its that time of year when people are planning trips back home, trips to visit their families, trips with their families, or just a quick getaway from the cold weather

Ooops, went off topic there, needed that little moment of zen. Well, the point remains, most people are going to be doing some traveling of some sort. My favorite part of traveling is arriving at the destination, my least favorite is packing. I always realize somewhere around the day prior, that I dont own any proper suitcases or luggage. I sometimes run to chinatown and get whatever I can afford. I have been thinking about investing in some really good luggage. Something like what J. Crew has to offer.

Unfortunately, even if they had a 70% of sale, I doubt I'll be spending that kind of money anytime soon, on luggage nonetheless. I understand J. crew's craftmanship, and they must very well be worth it.  But my student loans and lunch allowance just won't let me do that to myself. So if you're like me, you might want to consider some of these more affordable and very much in the same vein options below.

Mustard Yellow Royal Traveller Suitcase
Luggage Set
shop  $60
Vintage Luggage Set Two large Suitcases One Train Case Brown Hard Samsonite with Key

Two Tone Vintage Luggage Set You Choose Design
Kam Lung Leather Suitcase Hard Trunk Luggage Vintage


Today's Crave

shop $42

Seeing Green

Saturday, October 30

These are from a while ago, maybe last year. But they had a lasting impression on me. Was reminded by some downtime etsy surfing
 Just that pop of green, get something similar for your little black dress or as a gift

Alice petite earrings
$13 at shop
Alice Deluxe-Petite Earrings
$24 still at

Almost exact copy for $49 at

How I rocked it

So, I got hooked on Etsy while planning for my wedding. I intend to share my purchases in due time. Here's a teaser
balance RESERVED for Cynthia- Lolita classic white gardenia hair piece with detach veil
As purchased from

And as worn on wedding day
photography by Angelica Glass

photography by Angelica Glass

Photography by Angelica Glass

Something Sweet (...before bedtime)

I could blame Halloween, but I won't. Try as I might, I love my sweets, and I especially love them around 10pm when I should actually be sleeping. I've always been more of a chocolate, cookie or ice-cream kinda gal, and I could really do with some of these right about now

Great Pumpkins
Edible Jack-O-Lanterns
 From top to bottom

Today's Crave

Vintage Brass Art Deco Necklace by $38

To be Petite (and blue)

My girlfriend complains that she's tired of having clothes altered because of limited availability of petite sizes in many stores. I'm starting to feel like I'm experiencing the opposite problem on Etsy. I have so many dresses not just favorited, but already in my shopping cart- with nowhere to go. Thing is, I am most definitely not petite, and I know try as I may, I better not buy them, but someone out there probably should. Here's a selection of few items in my shopping cart- so mad I'm not the one getting these steals

Vintage Designer Albert Nipon Dress Royal Blue Rayon Silky Bow Button Gorgeous Luxurious Detail
Vintage Albert Nipon Dress $38 at t shop

Vintage Blue Pattern Print Day Dress M
- $34

vintage 1950s dress ...whistle bait little black wiggle bombshell pin-up dress with sheer sleeves and sexy low back finished with bows
I would wear with a pendant or statement necklace- $60. From

Goodness, just realized I've been looking at a lot of royal blue dresses, and one last one from seller who has 100% positve feedback

Something for the cube

I think I get bored easily, with home decor atleast. Its like every season, the hubby and I wonder what we can do to switch it up in that cube we have for a home. Maybe thats why we need to switch it up so much. Living in small spaces is nothing new to most NY-ers, which is probably why I'm always looking for a change. I've discovered, biggest bang for buck is with the home accessories. Throw pillows, throws, vases, flowers, even cheap Ikea curtains and rugs. I've currently got my eye on:

Decorative Designer Pillow Cover-16 inch-Palazzo Trellis In Light Aqua And Pumpkin

Decorative Designer Pillow Cover-18 inch-Suzani In Chartruese Green And Aqua
(from $12 and up)

 For something a little less expected, the burlap pillow:


French Grain Sack pillow
All the above from on Etsy

Sun shiny day, with a cat-eye

It might be getting cooler in NYC, but the suns out and its a bright sunshiny day. I spent years squinting cos I hated the feeling of shades on- its just always felt annoying. Thats definitely not the case anymore. When I first started purchasing sunglasses, the $5 street guy was all I needed and in some cases still is. However, I've also been rocking the Tom Ford Anouk sunnies (got at a steal) as seen below:
Tom Ford Anouk sunnies
Tom Ford Sunnies again, this morning Sunnyside Queens

I'm all of sudden loving the cateye look. So, if you're looking for some high style designer sunnies (vintage) for less, you should check out the following Etsy vendor. I absolutely heart her store.

deals almost exclusively with vintage Yves Saint Laurent Sunnies, all originally priced anywhere from $400-$500 for only $85. Not only a good deal, but they're all in amazing condition and apparently some still with tags. Check out her store before they're long gone.

Some other cool cateye finds


For the most part, I've always been a bit more conservative and somewhat traditional with my style. This year howver, I decided not to buy any more pieces that arent a litle out of my comfort zone. While, leather shorts may not be that adventurous for some, its defnitely a whole new look for me. Before, I show you my Etsy find, check out the initial inspiration
Trouvé Leather Shorts
Trouve Leather- $199
Trouvé Leather Shorts
Trouve Leather - $199 at

large product image
SANDRO Precipice Leather shorts - $400

ASOS- $99

Now Compare to my Etsy find. I just placed my order, they are custom made to fit your size- was so excited about taking my measurements and all- I hope my opinion doesnt change once I get them, promise to keep you guys in the loop, and without further ado

- $35
Seller has over 99% approval and thats based on over 700 sales- so I'm definitely optimistic. Check out her shop as she has tons of other very cool stuff- case in point:

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