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Today's Crave

Monday, January 31


BLUE my mind

My kinda BLUE

 Brings me to this Etsy shop from New Zealand:

Mixed Blues Mosaic vase by $55

Mixed blues mosaic pot by   $23
The rest of their stuff is just as beautiful.

How I rocked it

1- earrings $30- purchased for $25 @ Brooklyn Flea;  3- beads previously mentionned here;  2- Custom ring by $40

H&M leather top clearance $7, Zara pants sale $15
H&M sandals $24.95

My sad attempt at a wink, for some reason I can't wink without opening my mouth

PTI: I promised I would

Sunday, January 30

Quiet Sunday, watching Get Smart on TNT, realize the SAG awards come on next. I completely missed the Globes, and I had a request to cover some of the dresses on that show. So, here's me trying to make up for that. This is of course a slightly less glam event and there's many usual suspects missing, but here's who I spotted.

Mila Kunis in my fav dress of the night. Still haven't seen Black Swan so she's still the chick from that 70's show to me.
Front view
I'm surprised that I really like this look on January Jones. For some reason, I can imagine that it probably looks much more stunning in person due to the detail and fabric. And I do love black gold and learning to embrace lace.
Simple but beautiful- of the less is more school.  I don't talk much on here about my tv habit, but I LOVE "The Good Wife", so happy Juliana Marguiles picked up an award.
I really wanted to like Amy, Eva or Angie's dresses. They all have a little bit of what I like, but maybe its the pics or the angles, seems there's a little too much going on  with all of them.

I know I missed some people, don't think I'm gonna make it through entire show.  Did you watch? Who did you like?

Today's Crave: Gold

Seriously wanted these in my size- by

Neck candy

All the colors got me thinking about candy.
Just like candy... but zero cal.

Chelsea Garden Necklace by $58

  1. Orange leaves necklace by    $55
  2. Wooden Bunting Flag Necklace Candy Colours by $21
  3. Eastern arch by   $70
  4. Blue leaves necklace by    $55
  5. Custom Loveheart Necklace by   ~$5
  6. Orange stripes on Yellow, a fused glass pendant by   $25

    Inspiration: Bollywood

    Thursday, January 27

    Watercolor Fashion Illustration Print - Indian Wedding 1
    Watercolor paintings by remind me of my appreciation of Indian culture and love for Bollywood

    I love Bollywood movies, mostly the old school ones I grew up watching.  Growing up in Cameroon, Bollywood movies were actually more popular than Hollywood flicks. When you love something as a kid, it always holds a special place in your heart. I won't daredelve into the criticisms for being 3hr plus long, being overly melodramatic, breaking into song (best part for me) or that you never see a dark skinned Indian in leading role or even supporting roles. That's all discussion for some other time and forum.

    If you ever feel like checking out any, consider adding these to your Netflix or other queue:

    Also check out Cate Parr's work. She offers a diverse selection of original illustrations and prints. You can she is inspired not only by Indian, French & Italian cinema, but fashion, theatre, music etc. 

    All illustrations by

    Pardon the Interruption: BikeFest

    Looking outside at the moment, it seems really silly to be talking about biking or any activity of that sort. Actually, as I made my way to the train, I overheard this guy saying it was the last time he would ever attempt riding his bike in the snow.  Yeah seriously dude, what were u thinking??  It's not like there's 15 inches of snow out there.

    Anyhoo- Biking came up because I just started getting email reminders about registering for the different Bike tours, as well as requests for Volunteers (volunteered last year prior to learning to ride.)

    Proof for my sis and yes I only just learned- no shame in my game

    So, I'm kinda excited about actually participating this time around.  The hubby does pretty much every bike tour he can sign up for, but I think if I participate in only one this time around it would have to be the Montreal Bike Fest.  For one, I think I would sound extra cool, saying we drove 6hrs to participate (hey, whatever works).

    Registration started, 29CAD for adults

    Now all I have left to do is get a Bike
    The Bike I want

    The Bike I got

    Wednesday, January 26

    Florals.  I guess it comes with getting older because I used to ABHOR florals.  I thought they were all matronly and ugly. Boy was I mistaken, it's all about how its done.
    Courtesy Instyle UK February 2011
    Elle February 2011

    Recreate the look with these finds:

    1. 60's/70's Pastel floral print dress by   $37
    2. tea in the rose garden dress by $44
    3. vintage rose floral mini dress by $40
    4. Vintage Lanz Peekaboo Back Floral Dress by $36
    5. American summer dress by   $38
    6. Floral tennis dress by $25
    7. Knee length floral silk skirt by $25
    8. Vintage floral belted dress with pleated skirt by $52
    9. 60's floral satin waistband mini party dress by $33

    Today's Crave


    Random: Eat

    Random musings on a few random things. Things that can make all of us much happier people IMHO.

    Eat More Sweet:
    If you're in the NYC area, more specifically anywhere near the Lower East Side, you might wanna hop skip or flat out run to DessertTruck works.  First time I stopped there, a girlfriend and I had actually been chasing the actual truck (desserts on the go, gotta love it). Unfortunately, the truck wasn't open till much later that day- so we went ahead to the Clinton Street location.  Warning: be prepared to want everything and for everything to smell, look and ultimately taste so yum (see what Rachel Ray has done to me).  I'm thinking about them again today cos I just remembered I have a $15 groupon- how could I have forgotten that?

    small selection from menu

    Believe you me, I could eat this every day, warm apples, tangy cranberries, flaky/crispy puff pastry at the bottom- sooo good.


    Tuesday, January 25

    I love how much fashion inspiration I get from other bloggers.  Case in point, Karla from Karla's closet and her tapestry bag, something I might not have considered if I hadn't spotted it on her.

    Of course, I went hunting:

    Vintage 1970s Tapestry Carry On Suitcase
    Vintage tapestry carry on bag by   $60
    L-R: 1- Baroque florals 1950's purse by ;  2- tapestry purse by ; 3- Black & White 50's tapestry handbag by

    Vintage Dresses (Prints)- Under $50

    Check these out before they're gone
    1980's Tribal dress by

    L- R Saffrom dress by ; dress by

    Just a little under the Weather

    Monday, January 24

    Sorry about lack of posts, just been a little under the weather.  Tried to get hubby to cover for me, but that didn't happen- poor thing is a little exhausted from running back & forth getting me this, that and water.  Will be back real soon...

    Get Well Soon Button Ponytail Holder Set
    Get well soon ponytail holder by   $4.50

    Today's Crave

    Saturday, January 22


    How bout we give Vicky's a break?

    Wednesday, January 19

    Strappy Bow Bralette and Heart Hot Shorts as seen in Bust Magazine by
    Moving right along to the next big reason to spend money holiday- none other than Valentine's day.  In many ways I really don't care if Valentines day was created by card and candy companies or if the whole thing is just a commercialism hype machine.

    I choose to have fun with it and just get into the spirit of things; being the hopeless romantic that I am and all (yeah).  Trust me, it's quite fun and much better that way.

    Back to the title of the post: Vickys.  I know quite a few people stop by Victoria's Secret around this time, so I found some alternatives for those who would otherwise be headed that way. Honestly, I never thought I would find such pretty underthings on Etsy.

    All below have high buyer feedback and highly recommended for being well crafted, made with care and top quality materials.

    Custom sized eco-friendlylingerie by

    Hopeless lingerie by , items priced $8- $380
    Naomi handmade lingerie by


    THANKS again to ALL who entered our latest GIVEAWAY . 


    oh yes! enter me in this GIVEAWAY!

    Winner: Please email your contact information to
    You will be contacted shortly.

    * For those who didn't win, not to worry, we're having another giveaway very soon so
    continue to check in. *

    Too Cool for School

    Tuesday, January 18

    1970's Flashcard notebook by   $16
    The top image reminds me so much of my very own class picture.  I have to ask my mum for my childhood pics.  I believe I even had the same hairstyle.   
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