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Sunday Night at the Oscars- THE BEST

Sunday, February 27

These are the dresses I wish I could wear or flat out own.

Mila Kunis- Divine, You just had to see this dress move as she arrived, and the delicate lace around her chest. Sexy, revealing and yet not vulgar.

Michelle Williams- Complete package: hair, makeup, and gorge dress. The beading on dress completely elevates it and I think it looks sublime.

 And Last but in no way LEAST, my ABSOLUTELY FAV of the night on one of my fav actresses.  I know this may not work for everyone, but it does it for me.

Love it so much wanted to get as many pics from different angles, but these would have to do. It manages to look simple and elegant in spite of the unique design.  I love all the intricate beading. Maybe beadings where it's at.

Cate Blanchett- and she wears it so well

Images: IMDB.com

Sunday Night at the Oscars- THE BETTER

Mandy Moore

Halle Berry in Marchesa

Honorable mentions in this category
Hottest Couple:

Matthew Mcconaughey and Camila Alves

Cos' she's 65 and looks like this

Helen Mirren
Images: IMDB.com

Sunday night at the Oscars - THE GOOD

Love movies, Love fashion, what else would I be doing tonight?

Sequins, beading, neutrals and lace- what's not to love

FIRST UP- THE GOOD: the ones I liked, but wasn't completely in love with.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Hilary Swank, Celine Dion, Hailee Steinfeld 

I have to say alot of these looks came off much better on live TV than they do in pictures.

Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence's Calvin Klein dress actually looked really gorgeous on TV- simple elegance.

Images: IMDB.com

last minute RUSH

Just found out  and you still have a few hours to go.

 was having 2 year anniversary SALE this wknd. 15% off Everything.
 Sorry about last minute, but if you hurry....

Tell it

Thursday, February 24

Because I'm much too nice, I won't use one of these to tell anyone off.  Although you could.  You could also pay someone a compliment.  That's the beauty of these postcards.

Check one Adjective Postcards by    $4.75/each

Walking away from a deal

Sometime last year or maybe a little before I spotted the original Fleabag.  Designed and created by a pair of friends, Brown University grads who wanted a cool eco friendly do it all bag.  Soon as I saw this baby, I knew I wanted it.

Handstitched Fleabags

That was until I spotted the $440 price tag- I also noticed that because it's a signature item, the price wasn't changing.  I have no problem with spending whatever you can afford on things you love yada yada yada, but I have created my own personal boundaries and a budget- so it just wasn't working for me. 

Anyhoo, sometime this past fall, I realized Club Monaco was carrying these bags as part of some special collaboration.
Still priced @ $440

And then it happened. This past weekend, I glimpsed the bag I'd been swooning over at Club Monaco and all the bags were on sale- for $150.  Yup down from $440 to $150.

... and I walked away.

Safety first

Genevieve Jones Jewelry collection

Genevieve Jones safety pin earrings
Get the look
Vintage Brass Safety Pin Pendant
vintage brass safety pin pendant by   $25

it's a girl earrings by $7.70

 And as previously seen here

Blue & Yellow

Wednesday, February 23

  1. shabby chic music Jewelry box by   $52
  2. vintage 1940s springtime yellow lace dress by    $185
  3. high waisted denim shorts by     update: RESERVED
  4. Ports International cowl neck dress by   $56
  5. blue and yellow 1970's roller skates by    $48
  6. long navy peacoat royal blue by    $35
  7. 80's blue lace by   $34
  8. J Crew italian leather pumps by   $52
  9. vintage textured light blazer by    SALE  $26

You've Gotta...

Tuesday, February 22

How many ways can I say I lurve her.  Go get Adele's album.  Amy who???  Exactly.

More on her and the album below:

 and if u somehow missed it, check out her first album as well.

Paint envy

My childhood bedroom that I shared with my big sis had a little balcony on which we would spend hours drawing with chalk on a huge chalkboard my mum had installed there.  I have to admit, my sister was actually quite good.  Unfortunately for me, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't make it past stick figures.  Leigh Viner's of is one person who clearly doesn't have that problem.  Her illustrations and photography start as low as $28.

Today's Crave

Designed for each other By

Cos u don't always need alot...

... for a big statement.  Small, quiet and minimal.  Who says statement necklaces have to be loud?

1- Paired hexagons by ; 2,3&4- Lovelies by

 and a few more

  1. by locallibrary  $38
  2. by locallibrary   $36
  3. ultramine by    $24
  4. by Edor   $20
  5. tourmaline and silk cord necklace by    $36
  6. tiny anchor white drop necklace by   $25

PTI: Gotta luv a long weekend

Monday, February 21

Hi all,
Sorry I've been a little M.I.A., but it was just one of those weekends.  I think I always get overly excited by long weekends and end up signing up for more than I should.

One thing I'm happy I managed to do was squeeze in a stop at TRAIF in Brooklyn. You gotta love a place with a pig in its logo.


They admittedly celebrate all the goodness of pork and their menu reflects that.  To all my vegeterain friends or non pork lovers, please forgive me, I tried to stay away but I just cant say no to my 3B's- Butter, Beef and Bacon.

I ordered the stuffed french toast with nutella, bananas and toasted hazelnuts.  The hubby had the bacon egg and cheese sliders with sweet potato fries.

Wish I had managed better pictures.  Everything was just perfect.  And we ended on a top note- their bacon doughnuts- yup I said it, doughtnuts glazed with dulce de leche and sprinkled with crumbled bacon.  Don't overthink it, just know it works and really well too.

Planning my next visit.

Sale alert

Beautiful vases by and she's having a sale, so stop by


Wednesday, February 16

My former school is located right by Lincoln Center, where Fashion Week moved to this past year.  Why they waited till I graduated is beyond me.  I'm sure it would have been fun to spot "the beautiful people" or "the fashionable ones".  The hubby still works in the area and he says you can definitely tell when the madness (good madness) has landed.  Since I had a little time this evening, and we're almost at the end of Fashion Week, I decided to check out what's been presented for Fall 2011season and pick out what caught my eye.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Looking at my selection, I can tell I'm particularly drawn to jewel tones and bright colors.  Not the current state of my wardrobe, but probably where it's headed.

Getting home ready for Spring

With bright colors and bold home accessories.  How bout some primary colors?

Colorful lamps and lampshades by ; $31 and up

Crochet pillows by ; $24 and up

Handmade vases and bowls by ; $22 and up

Tumblers and carafes by PigeonToeCeramics, $27 and up.  Large Ochre Lampshade by $89.95.

Sparkle & Shine

Pocket friendly Special Occasion jewelry.  The most bling for your buck, from $19 and up, loving everything has to offer.


Tuesday, February 15

A few weeks back my sister returned from an almost 2month stay in Cameroon.  My excitement at her return was mostly because I had missed talking to her on a daily/hourly basis.  My excitement also had a lot to do with all the food (stinky food as far as the hubby is concerned), that she brought along with her.  I was even happier when she said she'd included quite a few cute African dresses in my care package.  I just received them and I honestly can't wait for warmer weather to start wearing them.

Really loving that I see this look more and more on Runway
Duro Olowu Fall 2011
Etro Spring 2011

More excited that I found some cool Etsy Shops with very good prices

Modern African Fashion by , prices starting at $65

African print dresses by , prices starting at $45
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