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Kitchen Aid

Wednesday, March 30

May not have the dream kitchen yet...

Spanish Style mediterranean kitchen
                                   mediterranean kitchen design by los angeles kitchen and bath Mal Corboy Design

Stamford Kitchen Detail traditional kitchen
                                      traditional kitchen design by austin architect Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

But, I'll try to make the best I have by getting the cutest little accessories, even if it's just tea towels and aprons.


  1. Dishes I'd rather be doing by  $15
  2. Dots linen tea towel by   $26
  3. beer lover glassware floursack towels by    $20
  4. screenprinted garden by   $18
  5. yummy mustard tea towel by   $14
  6. vintage inspired cotton cloth by   $16
  7. kitchen conversions by   $22
  8. organic cotton tea towel by   $12
  9. gray be happy linen tea towel by   $16

Where else can I find you?

When I noticed these earrings on Fly, I wondered how I missed them in all my hours spent on Etsy. I was also disappointed that the seller had only one item listed in her .

by Fayandrada

Soon enough, I found her website and shop that carries most of her other items. There's even more to love on there:

Tuesday, March 29

Who's going? 
 Hope to see you there.

The Striped bag

It seems I'm liking stripes in all forms, even on bags. Everybody's doing it.

Aldo and ASOS options


1- sailor tote by $35; 2-striped large tote by $48; 3-vintage striped tote by $50; 4- weekender tote by $195; 5- Stockholm navy by $59 ; 6- Nautical stripes bag by $40

PTI: The real Lisbeth Salander

Monday, March 28

If you've read the Stieg Larsson Millenium trilogy (Girl with Dragon Tatoo etc) then you would know that Lisbeth Salander has to be one of the coolest and most interesting book characters ever written.

Noomi Rapace is great in the Swedish movie version of the book, and the American version is well on it's way. I however think I've spotted the real Lisbeth as captured by in London.  If you've read the books, you'll get it, otherwise...

The Look of...

I was going to pick one as "look of the day", but I liked so much from shop, I just went ahead and selected several.  Nothing over $100 at this shop, with most items under $50.

Above look very on trend

from WhoWhatWearDaily.com


all above from shop

Past Crave in O mag feature

Previously mentioned in past Crave here, it was nice to see Jill McKeever of featured in this month's O magazine:

Definitely an inspiring piece seeing how far she has come and once again a reminder of the importance of believing and working on your passion.

Stop by her and below is a sample of her offerings.

Happy Monday

ASOS orange leather bag, earrings from Etsy shop nobletownvintage
As always, here we go again. Hope you had fun weekend. Let's make this week count. 

1- Earrings courtesy - love them; 2- target sandals $19.99; 3- asos leather bag; 4- zara faux fur sweater

PTI: Dress Envy

Sunday, March 27

I pride myself in not wasting too much time thinking about things I can't or shouldn't be having.  But I'm having a little hard time with this one.

It's  the multi colored stripe Marc Jacobs dressed.

Even the first lady has been spotted wearing it.

It's sold out in most places and retails for $628, which might be great for many, but just doesn't work within the budget I have set for myself.

But then, I spotted this little one at Urbanoutfitters.  They are in no way the same dress but the colors and pattern are very similar. It's definitely missing the length and movement you get from the Marc Jacobs version. It's also missing the pricetag coming in at $49.

Left: Urban outfitters dress $49; Right Marc Jacobs dress $628

Yup, I'm not sure- but still something worth looking into.

Shop Love

Friday, March 25

Handmade in Melbourne, Australia by  

Thursday, March 24


Spotted on Etsy front page

read Etsy featured seller article

Not to be confused with macaroons, which are also great.  Anyways, I decided to check out the macaron offerings on Etsy and there's quite a few.  All of them too pretty for words and the reviews are in; they're all delish.
  1. 6 piece red velvet French macarons by   $8.95
  2. 24 assorted French macarons by   $36
  3. Box of 9 macarons by   $20
  4. 12 assorted macarons by    $17.95
  5. 10-12 macaron cookies by   $15
  6. 36 piece box by   $49

Today's Crave- not an Idiot

Wednesday, March 23


PTI: Dumping Cable

So we did it, we finally did it. This weekend, we packed the boxes up, cords, remotes and everything and dropped them off without flinching. We just walked right up to customer service at our former cable provider and with such conviction told them we were done. No more cable for us.
Singing this in my head; canvas tote by
To be completely honest, I was actually a tad dissapointed in the whole experience. I expected them to beg. I expected at least some sales manager to come over and try to persuade us to stay. To offer us some amazing last minute promotion that we wouldn't be able to walk away from. We had trained and prepared for it all- the answer was going to be NO.  It didn't quite go down like that. The calm gentleman just quietly took the boxes, checked the serial codes, entered something into the computer and told us we were good and done.

It's a strange world out there for a tv addict without cable.  But we 're not going into this without help. First things first- I was so ignorant about life without cable, I half expected to have a crappy staticky signal. Instead what we got was over 20 channels, most of them in HD, just as perfect as ever. Most of the basics were there, yeah I'm losing HGTV, FOODnetwork, AMC, HISTORY, SYFY and some of the other channels I checked out every now and then. But what we gained is even better- THE ROKU.

Only been a few days and I love this already. We're saving almost  $100 in cable bill, and I can watch exactly what I want, when I want. It comes with a bunch of free channels, you can add some private ones, or pay for some. We're getting Netflix and Hulu which have massive tv and movie libraries, Hulu has current episodes of current shows.  Together they run us only $16/month.

Really feel like I'd been bamboozled for so long- for not making the switch.  My only worry is that I might actually have more to watch than ever, and that's not such a good thing.

High Waisted

Why did these ever go away, and why do some people hate them so?  I just don't know cos I've always loved the look and love it even more now.
As seen on Spring 2011 runways

As spotted on Etsy:

, from $33

 and more...

  1.   $28
  2.    $30
  3.     $80
  4.     $70
  5.   $26
  6.    $30
  7.    $18
  8.   $99

I want Bookends

Tuesday, March 22


I want bookends even when I don't have books to end- (you know what I mean). Which is why I surprised myself when I started looking for some new ones all over again. Guess there's worse problems one can have.

1- vintage alabaster owl bookends by $25; 2- A&Z bookends by $220; 3- wooden bird bookends by $60; 4- Novels bookend by $19.99

Excuse the silence

Monday, March 21

Been extremely busy these past few.  Been working on a few time consuming projects. Things should be back to normal very shortly.  Didn't want to leave you completely empty handed, so here's a quick cool find.

Pretty Birdie's Organic Wool Crepe Halter Jumper
Organic Crepe Halter Jumper by

For Japan with LOVE

Friday, March 18


FOR JAPAN: Help needed

Tuesday, March 15

Whichever way you choose to help, I just wanted to share some of the many options available when it comes to lending a hand. Remember every bit helps, no matter how small even when the tragedy is so overwhelming.
American Red Cross- Causes
American Red Cross: The Red Cross dispatched a disaster management expert to Japan on Sunday to work with an international council on the response to the disaster, according to a press release. In the U.S. states affected by the tsunami, the Red Cross said it helped shelter about 2,500 evacuated people. The organization has also started to raise money on Causes, a site that is used by people on Facebook and through mobile giving. A call for people to send text messages to support the victims is a popular topic on Twitter.

Food for the Hungry: The international Christian organization has a team in Japan working with Japan International Food for the Hungry.

Give2Asia: The San Fransisco organization set up two funds to give directly to Asian charities helping with disaster recovery in the region.

Global Voices: The blogger network has set up a page for special coverage of the earthquake and tsunami, and also created a of writers currently in Japan.

Medical Teams International: The organization said it is working with partners to help provide water, food and other need to survivors in Japan. They've also set up a fund.

Network for Good: The online-giving organization has created a special page listing organizations working on the crisis, complete with how they are responding and links to donate to each.


mGive Foundation: The mobile giving organization set up $10 text-to-give options for four large international aid organizations, including Convoy of Hope (TSUNAMI to 50555), American Red Cross Relief (REDCROSS to 90999), World Relief Corporation of National Association of Evangelicals (WAVE to 50555), and GlobalGiving (JAPAN to 50555).

Mobile Giving Foundation: The mobile giving organization also set up $10 donation options for both U.S. and Canadian cell phone users. In the U.S., the organization is giving to Save the Children (JAPAN or TSUNAMI to 20222), World Vision (4JAPAN or 4TSUNAMI to 20222), and Mercy Corps (MERCY to 25283).

charity information from philanthrophy.com

Zara's March Lookbook


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