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Scene at Fort Greene Fest

Thursday, June 30

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Gimme a Tee

From L-R

Top Row: ; ;
Middle Row: ; ; 
Bottom Row:  ; ; 

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You've Gotta listen: IMANY

Wednesday, June 29

Originally from the Comoros Islands and based in Paris, Imany appears to have caused quite a stir in France the past few years. I just discovered her and since she's got an almost Tracy Chapman vibe to her voice and music, it's a natural fit that I'm loving her.

Interestingly, she is a former model but I guess decided she'd rather pursue her music. Her own blend of afro-soul and acoustic folk.  Check out one of her songs below- I really like this video. If you're not patient, you should skip ahead to 1minute mark for the song.


Tuesday, June 28

Win ANY One of these 4 pieces below
Our new giveaway comes courtesy of .
Beautiful and unique hand wrought jewelry.
Let's meet Allison and find out more about OneWorldTwoHands.

When did you start selling on Etsy and Why Etsy?
I named my shop and created my logo and banner back in February of this year, but I wasn't able to open shop until the end of April. I needed to have enough merchandise to make a viable shop and show the range of my items, and of course try to take some great photos and accurately describe my items, etc.. I chose Etsy, because I was absolutely amazed when I stumbled upon it last year when I was planning my wedding. So many talented people, actually able to share their product to a worldwide audience. For example, just since April people from every state except South Dakota have “visited” my shop (are you listening Dakotans?), most of Europe, some of Africa and Asia, and a great deal of South America and Australia. This blows me away!

Is this a full time gig for you?
No, Etsy is not my full time job. I am also self employed in the Billboard advertising field. Additionally I spend about 20 hours each week doing volunteer work. I speak Spanish and so I have been able to use that skill to help in a volunteer educational work, mostly for Spanish speaking immigrants from various lands. So, between these three things, and trying to cook my husband fabulous dinners every night, I stay pretty busy.

How do you manage time to do everything?
I think most people find time to do the things they feel are most important in life. I do the volunteer work because I enjoy helping people. The principle that there is greater joy in giving than receiving I have found to be true. I find true joy in doing that. Also, I think humans are designed to create! Most of us have quite a creative powers within us, whether we recognize it or not. So, I always have had a creative outlet. I feel better and I enjoy the richness of life even more when I express myself in a creative way. Whether that may be through dance, photography, playing the ukulele, writing songs and poems, or hand-forging jewelry!

Your personal fav item in your shop right now:
Well, I can't decide between three actually. Either the “Samarkand Earring”, the “Heights Falafel Earring” in midnight black, or the “Zaragoza Earring”. How can I choose? They are all my babies!

What was first item you ever made/sold?
When I was in sixth grade we took a field trip to the State Capitol Building in Denver, and they were releasing hundreds of balloons up into the sky. I was happily snapping away with my little 110 camera, when a lady approached me and asked if she could buy my photos! Imagine my surprise (I was only 10 or 11). So, she gave me her address and some money and just like that I sold my first photo. But as to the first item I ever made I could never answer that, because I can't even remember! I have always been making or inventing something.

What are your plans for the future?
Well, I plan to continue my volunteer work, because it truly is the most important thing for me. And I plan to always keep learning and seeing the world and it's peoples, and I hope that this will continue to influence and be reflected in my work. I just got married this past September, so I also plan to keep forging a brand new and wonderful life together with my husband!

Do you have a workspace? If so, can you share what it looks like?
My work space is quite small, as we live in a small apartment. I have taken over what was my wooden kitchen table in my very first apartment and spread all sorts of tools, metal, stones, and wire everywhere around it. Shelves would be my dream come true.

Where else can we find your goodies? (website, FB, stores etc)
I have my items in a shop or two here in these beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I also recently created a Twitter account for my business, One World Two Hands. The profile name is 1World2Hands. I haven't really expanded myself much into cyber space, but you can follow me if you like!

For fun: whats on your playlist and fav books
I always have Paul Simon's “Call Me Al”. Perhaps partly because my name is Allison, but mostly because he is such a great songwriter. The lyrics to that song are both thoughtful and hilarious. I also love Jazz. A lot. Dave Brubeck is an all time Jazz great. I also have recordings of a lot of great independent artists to be found only on YouTube. There are some super talented people there with real, raw and human sounds. It's nice to hear some real humans sometimes without so much editing and commercialism. Ukulele players rock!

One of my favorite books of all time is called “Kon Tiki”. It is about a team of explorers in the 1950's.I love it because I think it represents adventure and exploration. Before GPS.

Any brunch recommendations, cos I'm a brunch fanatic.
Probably one of my all time favorite brunches is in Mazatlan Mexico. The Pacific waves crashing, a nice sea breeze. Take a table in the shade and enjoy an enormous Mexican food smorgasbord. Coffee, sweetbread, eggs, chiles, chilaquiles, made to order omelets, fried potatoes, Queso Fresco, roasted salsas made in a molcajete (that lava rock thing used to grind up things), fresh fresh and delicious homemade corn tortillas. Freshly squeezed orange juice, fresh tiny sweet and tart limes to squeeze on everything. I could go on, but I'm starting to get a little choked up just thinking about it. :)

Thanks to Allison for sponsoring this amazing Giveaway!


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Winner will be announced Tuesday, July 5th @9:30am EST.
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You should Click

I've been meaning to do this because there's nothing better than letting someone else in on a find.  Many bloggers do this, some on a schedule, others when they feel like it and sometimes, they keep this to their blogroll.

I decided to share a few of my fav links, I'll try to do this every now and then. These are all blogs or people I think you should check out. Who knows- you might enjoy them as much as I do. Oh and I hope I don't offend anyone who is missing from this first outing, I'm sure I'll get around to all the goodies in due time.

I love how clean and beautiful her blog is.  It just makes me happy when I stop by. She has impeccable taste in fashion, home design etc. She is a photographer, so you know you'll have lovely pics to look at. I especially love her features "My sweetest day" and "Sweet Sweeter Sweetest".

Funky, daring and cool. I like this chic. She also has the most impressive headgear collection I've ever seen.

I have loved reading about her adventures and misadventures in running, love, life, modeling, raising children, traveling etc. She writes so openly and naturally and even though I have never met her, she feels like a friend.

Last but not least, Already Pretty
In many ways, this post is very much inspired by her lovely links. I got to meet her during the Bali Style Summit. I'm apologizing for not blogging more about it, but it's been pretty crazy but I think in about a week or 2, I'll sit down and spill. For now, you should probably read Sally's recap of the event.  More than just having a great blog that preaches self love and more, she's amazingly sweet, funny and so very pretty. 

and many more to come...




I'd love to win the Quartz with Brass Bars Necklace because it's so simple, yet beautiful! I already follow on Twitter, and like the Facebook page.

Ijeoma,Thank You for Entering.

You will be contacted with more details shortly.

* For those who didn't win, thanks so much for entering, following, tweeting etc.
And not to worry, we're having another Giveaway (Summer series) very soon so
continue to check in. *

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Monday, June 27

Finally found a decent pair of high waisted jeans. I usually have the hardest time finding a good fit.

Hope you all had nice weekend, and here's to starting new week on the right foot.

Easy entertaining with...

 for any occasion

Effortless Chic

I'm not overly complicated wardrobe wise. I think I'm at that stage where I know what I like and it's pretty hard to convince me otherwise. Which is why it's easy for me to say that I really like A.L.C.'s 2012 resort collection. Never really followed them or noticed them much before. I apologize if that's any kind of fashion blasphemy, Oh well.

Completely fuss free, kinda like me (I would like to believe).
If you think about it, this is a similar vibe to what we've been getting from Zara for the past year.

Weekend to DO

Friday, June 24

It's going to be another busy weekend, but if I get a minute I'd love to stop by the Fort Greene Festival in Brooklyn. The Fort Greene festival is a two-day music, film, and cultural festival that brings over 10,000 people to Fort Greene to celebrate one of Brooklyn’s most vibrant and artistic enclaves.

This year's lineup includes: 
Mos Def, Sophia Urista, Paperdoll, Game Rebellion, Res (missed her) and more.

Worth going if only for Mos.

Adored her when she came out- always thought she should have been bigger, need to check out her new stuff.

Sophia Urista- heard about her, would have been nice to check her out. See vid snippet below

Fort Greene Festival: Saturday June 25th: Noon- 10pm

Look of the day

Tribal's all over the place lately, especially the little tribal top or skirt. In fact, you only need to spend 5mins in Forever21 to spot its prominence. However, one thing that's been missing is a tribal skirt with some length to it. I've started steering away from the uber short and really liking a longer length.

Colorful tribal print skirt by

Dreaming of Capri

The beautiful Isle of Capri
The Faraglioni

And If I was going to splurge on a stay, I'll stop by J.K. Place Capri Hotel

Today's Crave

Thursday, June 23

Rainbow Pleated French Vintage Midi Skirt by

Don't do these as often anymore, but cos I'm feeling super bright and cheerful at the moment, 
a little skirt that matches my mood.

Cos I don't have a DISHWASHER

By - the green soap Co. $22


Tuesday, June 21

Win One Item of Your Choice
Deuce Summer Collection 2011
Our new giveaway comes courtesy of
I'm very excited about this giveaway, such pretty pieces. 
Let's meet Jamie and find out more about Deuce.

When did you start selling on Etsy and why Etsy? 
I began selling on Etsy in 2008 due to an overflow in vintage clothing. I can't help but not buy an amazing vintage piece. I guess it is my weakness. :)

Is this a full time gig for you?
I have a part time job, but hope to make jewelry design a full time gig in the very near future.

How do you manage time to do everything? And when/why did you decide to do have this as a second gig?
I work in the mornings and get home after lunch and just start into jewelry making. It is sorta a time for me to relax. I need creativity in my life or else I just don't feel like I'm living. I would love to just design jewelry, but it is hard being an artist sometimes (making enough money to pay the bills). I manage everything with a lot of coffee and not a lot of sleep. 

Your personal fav item in your shop right now:
I just love Layered Gold Geometric Square Earrings. They look AMAZING on! The way they swing when you walk is perfect!

What was first item you ever made/sold?
The first item ever sold on Deuce was actually a sock elephant my twin sister made. We were so excited about (we were pretty young) and later found out it was our best friend who had purchased it! She still has it to this day!

What are your plans for the future?
For the future I would just like to be creative and happy. I would love to only be designing jewelry in my little house and living with my boyfriend and trusty yorkie Brooklyn.

Do you have a workspace?
I do have a workspace, but I am currently moving. My boyfriend and I live near Alki in West Seattle and the ocean is very close, which is a huge inspiration. I often enjoy working at coffee shops (Seattle is the home of Starbucks) when I answer emails or do the business portion of Deuce.

Where else can we find your goodies?
The best place to find Deuce's goodies is on Etsy at 

For fun: whats playing on your ipod, mp3 player?
Taking Back Sunday is my music of choice right now

Favorite book?
Favorite book is Geek Love (I just finished it)

Also I'm a brunch fanatic- Any Seattle brunch recommendations?
*** Best brunch in Seattle (especially West Seattle) is Salty's on Alki. Amazing brunch, amazing view.

Thanks to Jamie for sponsoring this amazing Giveaway!


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Art & Illustrations by ...

From her profile:
"Hi and welcome! My name is Stacey-Ann and I'm an artist and illustrator living and working in Peterborough, UK. Whilst I'm constantly inspired to celebrate the beauty of African American women and encourage them on their journey, my art is for anyone who enjoys vibrant colour and expressive art."

From $33


Monday, June 20

Hope you had lovely weekend. Had a few birthday celebs to drop by. 
Weather was perfect, couldn't ask for anything more.
H&M tank, Zara pants, MIA sandals

Blog Announcement: To celebrate the official start of Summer, beginning June 21, and for the weeks to follow, we'll be having GIVEAWAY TUESDAYS.
Currently we have some of the best Etsy jewelry designers lined up, and you can't miss out on this. Here's a sneak preview of the shops we'll be showcasing and what you could possibly win starting this Tuesday.


...and many more.

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