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Dreaming of: STOCKHOLM

Wednesday, August 31

I'm much too in love with so many Swedish exports (IKEA, H&M, Robyn, Alexander Skarsgard, Swedish meatballs) to not have this be a top destination. I'm sure Sweden has so much more to offer than the above and if I could I'd be on the next flight to Stockholm right at this moment.

Plenty of streetstyle and  people watching: Below, Stockholm streetstyle as seen on StreetPeeper.

The very new Hotel J:

Stockholm market:

Cute as a button

Button earrings by .
These little buttons pack quite the punch.

Listening- Scottish Soul

Tuesday, August 30

She's written for a ton of UK rappers like Tinie Tempah and Professor Green. Now this young Scot is dropping her own music. Definitely one worth checking out. 

from on .


Monday, August 29

 Sharing Pictures I took 2 weekends ago. Haven't worn any African Inspired attire on here before. This dress was actually sewn as part of our family attire for my cousin's wedding. I promise it wasn't that short for the wedding, I just folded it under.

Artists hard at work.

See NYTimes Article on above 5pointz Arts Center (A graffiti mecca) and the fight to keep it going.

ONLY 4 days till Friday!!!

New Shop Alert

Well relatively new.
Washington DC based e has been open since March of this year. Prices from $10- $200.

Past Week Recap- Whew!!

Sunday, August 28

What a week and weekend it's been.

First we had the earthquake; I didn't feel anything as I was taking my leisurely lunch time walk, but my colleagues and NY1 assure me it did indeed happen.

Then, it was bye-bye to my mum. Her visits always just speed by.  I already miss coming home to her piping hot fresh meals, guess its back to microwaved leftovers.

And last but not least, Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene had the hubby and I indoors for most of the weekend. Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as predicted. We did a quick survey around our neighborhood Sunday evening and for the most part everything looked fine. Not everyone was so fortunate. There were a few fallen trees and I noticed two that had landed on people's cars. Some friends posted pics of flooding in their neighborhoods and I really hope everyone made it out alright.

Message for Irene: using humor in a tough situation

With all that hopefully behind us now, I am looking forward to the last weeks of summer. There's still so much I have to do before it's all over.

How was your weekend and were you affected by the Storm?

Who's that Gal?

Wednesday, August 24

she's Micah, a Melbourne based stylist.
Images via WE THE PEOPLE.


Tuesday, August 23


So Sorry guys for the delay.
I'm blaming the MTA for this one. 


DIY Endeavor

DIY Endeavor, Thank You for Entering.

You will be contacted with more details shortly.

* For those who didn't win, thanks so much for entering, following, tweeting etc.
Our Giveaway Summer Series is nearing it's end, but please stay tuned. *

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Listening: Kitty, Daisy & Lewis

Meet Kitty (18), Daisy (22) & Lewis (20) (age)

I don't know what they're putting in their water over there in England (there's a nostalgia thing going on), but you should check out these North London siblings who found a way to put aside any sibling rivalry and deliver some fine tunes. A delicious blend of 50's rock, ska, pop, reggae, r&b, swing and more. They all play multiple instruments including guitar, piano, banjo, lapsteel guitar, harmonica, double bass, ukulele, drums, trombone, xylophone and accordion.


Monday, August 22

Can you believe Summer's almost Over.
It hit me when I saw all the Kids at Target grabbing their Back to School supplies.

Dress- Zara
Jewelry: F21
Shoes: H&M

Moorea Seal

Friday, August 19

I think really hit the jackpot with her Gypsy Crown headpieces.

Could definitely see these as a bridal fav.

Would be fun to see what kind of maneuvering I would have to do with my hair to make these fit. 

Images via MooreaSeal & GaryPepperVintage

Wafalme Kids: Trash is Cash

Thursday, August 18

Just spotted this video. It came out a little while ago.

Wafalme is the name of this group of kids who have grown up in the slums of Nairobi. They were brought together by their passion for Hip Hop as a way of life and decided to begin writing songs and spreading positive messages to the youth in the slums surrounding Nairobi, giving others hope that they can change their lives. This song and video won an MTV Positive Change Award.  The song strives to highlight not just the problems of overcrowding, pollution, improper waste disposal in the slums of Nairobi, but also what can be done about it (recycling programs, trash for money programs etc).

These kids are so inspiring.

Trash is cash Intro, Yeiyee no more pollution, this my solution
Make it clean, make it clean
Verse 1
Millions living here, The litter they call dear
They weren't born here, It's survival for revival
Air filled with polluted bubbles' Sky's the limit every day's hustle
Conserving the slum building a muscle, Cleaning up the streets recycling the trash
To save the environment and make some cash, People wake up and wander right about outside
The narrow dirty streets shantily built muddy shack, Discarded garbage kids playing on filthy paths
Within the atmosphere of alcohol violence and drugs, Education medication a distant hope in them
No more pollution: Trash is cash. This my solution: trash is cash
Make a town a green town; make a town a green town
Climate change, environment, make a town a clean town
Verse 2
Community groups and micro entrepreneurs, Selling to farmers a precious asset compost manure
Irrigation schemes from these rivers, Attires,eco sandals, handbags and jewellery made from trashy granular
Mattress, pillow baskets, roof tiles from trashed plastic, Sold to local and foreign market
Metals sold to scrap dealer's aint no rampage, Cheap cooker making using dumped coffee seeds and paper as fuel
To feed the poor the price not cruel, Millions of people trying to save the world
While make a living with the strong unemployment, And pollution solution innovative lesson to the world my conclusion
Starved women bathing in dirty rivers planting veggies along river beds, Kids forage in waste drinking water from pipes covered in garbage
Raw sewers overflowing open sewers the eyes they can't bandage
Improper sanitation no latrine variation garbage mountains can't manage
No more pollution: Trash is cash. This my solution: trash is cash
Make a town a green town; make a town a green town
Climate change, environment, make a town a clean town
Verse 3
So when I sit back I reminisce about the future
Things the way they are wishing they wouldn't last
Must thoughts of conservation run inside of me
Now I can get the best life I wanted to achieve
The ozone layer depletion, threat to mankind, I mention
The planet getting warmer, resource scarcity informer
Slums overpopulated/people starving some don't make it
No trees around the slum this can't be a greener ground environment surround
Charcoal and bio gas production, youths employed for garbage collection/an ideal correction
Water purifiers, ceramic material, fine art sculptures made from trash
Another best practice by the youth to generate some cash
Fire stutter by the roadside spreading acrid smoke near food kiosks in the air
Its pollution here, pollution there, pollution everywhere beware.

Just add Socks

the trick for Fall...

All from new fav blog: WE THE PEOPLE

There's no place like HOME

Whenever or Wherever that may be for you.

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Yummy Hair

Wednesday, August 17

Marie Claire Australia - September 2011
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