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Yummy hair

Friday, September 30


Thursday, September 29

A military style Fur trim Parka

Burberry: $$$$

Clockwise: Nastygal, Patterson J. Kincaid, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Not your everyday table linens

Wednesday, September 28

table linens $30 and up

LISTENING: Color me Surprised

Isn't it crazy when you've been listening to someone's music and made up an image in your mind of what they would look like and then you see them and you're- well... Surprised.

That's what happened with Irish newcomer (somewhat) Maverick Sabre.

Wouldn't think he had that voice coming out of him, but he does. Never judge a book...
First heard his covers of Sam Cooke & Ray Charles and then some of his own music:

Definitely worth a listen.

His covers:

Yes, No, Maybe?

Tuesday, September 27


Asos: $65-$82


pretty centerpiece

I don't know when or how it happened, but I finally started appreciating flowers.
I remember in the past, when I was gifted flowers, I would quickly pass them on to whoever wanted them or quite frankly, just dumped them in the trash (I know, bad, bad, bad).

Even though, I'm on board the flower train and know how much they can add to a room, I think it's horrible that they die so fast (maybe I don't have a green thumb).  Which is why I think preserved flowers are tailor made for me.  Arranged in beautiful ceramic vases, they would make perfect centerpieces.

Watching: ReelAfrican

Monday, September 26

First there was Youtube, then Hulu - now I have a new internet destination to watch content, and it's all African.  That's super great because up until now it hasn't been easy getting good quality content.

As a first stop, I'll suggest Shuga:
Shuga is a hard hitting 3-part drama series that follows the lives and loves of a group of cool young students whose bright lives and fabulous futures are balanced on a knife edge due to their love of risk and danger. It’s a story of love, sex, Friday nights and the indelible marks we leave on one another. Shuga is based in Nairobi, Kenya; in the heart of East Africa. Shuga explores the issues of sexual relationships among urban youth against a background of continuing HIV/AIDS infections.

Slowly but surely, the African Film and TV industry is making strides.

HAPPY MONDAY: My weekend in food

French Toast w/ Strawberries - Molly Blooms, Queens NY

Oxtail w/ Rice and Peas - Sans Souci, Brooklyn NY

Curry Chicken w/ Rice and Peas - Sans Souci, Brooklyn NY

Codfish Fritters w/ Avocado - Sans Souci, Brooklyn NY

Mixed Taco - El Rey De Oro, Queens NY

Mixed Taco - El Rey De Oro, Queens NY


Sunday, September 25

PompandPride, previously seen here, has been having a 50% OFF SALE.
Hopefully you can catch the PROMO before it's over.

How do you keep your Books?

Wednesday, September 21


Pencil- Below the knee

Tuesday, September 20

Loving ASOS offerings of colorful pencil skirts. I say the longer the better. From $20-$170

Snakeskin by PATKAS

At , $13- $225

Do you Snakeskin?


Monday, September 19

 Vintage asymmetrical jacket- (gifted)
 Bag- vintage coach from Etsy
 Necklace- ASOS
 Bracelets- Borrowed (originally from Cameroon)
Booties- Old Navy
 Shorts- H&M


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