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Now Listening: Jamie Woon

Tuesday, January 31

So there I am, listening to iTunes, to my very own playlist and then comes on this song I've never heard and have no idea how it landed on my playlist. I could swear I never downloaded it and I have no idea how long it's been there.

But I'm liking it, I hit repeat and decide to find out who it is.

Name is Jamie Woon. Son of a Malaysian Chinese father, and Scottish Irish mother, he was born and raised in London. He's apparently been around for a little while, but I'd never heard of him. 
Take a listen.

Canvas and Leather

Monday, January 30

I think these are perfect his/her bags. can be casual or for work. 
The perfect little all purpose workhorse bag.

Only from 

P.s.: I had a long HAPPY MONDAY story to tell and realized there's only 24hrs in a day. 
So I'll save it for laters, when I can get it all down.
Anyhoo- here's to an inappropriate breakfast, to start of the week on an interesting note.

Awards Season: Part 2 - SAG

Full disclosure I didn't get to watch most of the show. 
I do know The Help won a ton of awards. So happy for the cast. 
While I enjoyed the movie, I was a  little spoilt by the book- and you know how that often goes.
Anyways- wasn't bowled over by most of gowns, but here's the few that caught my eye.

 Pretty in Black: Glee's Jayma Mays and Emma Stone

 Lovely in White: Zoe Saldana (I think her dress photographs poorly unfortunately) and Viola Davis

 My usual fave Michelle Williams (love top half, not sure about bottom) and Kayley Cuoco (ethereal)

She's back to trademark Angie. Love her earrings

 Surprised by how much I like Naya Rivera's look. Very pretty.

Another surprise fav: Loved Ashlee Simpson's retro hair and styling. Rose Byrne was very chic as well.

all images via IMDB

New from SewaSong

Tuesday, January 24

I love everything from this little shop based out of Barcelona. 
Stopped by and realized she's made some very "purrty" additions.

Best in sale

Monday, January 23

All at Zara
I know the bag kinda missed the price mark, but it's so chic.

"Best in Sale" feature highlights best finds in retail sales
(especially high street), focus on under $50.


Too little blogging time.
Had a lot of running around to do all weekend.
Seeing beautiful babies, goodbyes to friends, catching up with family...
Then finally glued to TV most of Sunday- watching Football.
I nearly gave myself a heart attack during the Giants/49ers game
I also think I may have semi-destroyed some of my furniture with the Giants winning kick.

Zara pants, F21 shirt, JoeFresh sweater, H&M hat

How did you spend your weekend??

Year of the Dragon

Chinese New Year cards



Wednesday, January 18

Spotted these fun poufs at West Elm. 

At $249 each, they're a little more than I wanted to spend.
Found close substitute at  for much less. Poufs from $75- $115.

Now Listening

The Staves and Jennah Bell.
My current playlist is definitely looking like female singer songwriters only. 
I do have other stuff, but here's what I'm truly feeling at the moment.

The Staves: 3 singing sisters, folksy, beautiful melodies.

from on .

Jennah Bell is a most recent discovery, thanks to ReesaSpeaks
So happy she pointed me in her direction. 
Unfortunately, just missed her show Friday at Le Poisson Rouge.

Please send your Recommends my way by leaving a comment or emailing me at

Mostly indoors- goodbye long weekend

Tuesday, January 17

 Everything F21 and my Zumreed headphones (headphones so much better than buds).


Monday, January 16

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice eveywhere." 
[Letter from Birmingham, Alabama Jail, April 16, 1963]

"We must learn to live together as brothers, or perish together as fools." 

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands in moments of challenge and controversy." 
[Strength To Love, 1963]


Sunday, January 15

Although there have already been a few Award shows this season, the Golden Globes always seem to signal the official opening of Awards season. Because I love TV, Movies and beautiful dresses, I'll try to cover as many of these as possible. 

 Ladies in Yellow: Mireille Enos, Missi Pyle, Paula Patton

Ladies in Red: Amber Riley, Dianna Agron, Reese Witherspoon

 Other highlights: Charlize Theron, Viola Davis, Madeleine Stowe

I like the understated, the unusual, the memorable, my taste runneth all over.
 Nice to see Claire Dunphy not frumpy (Julie Bowen's Modern Family's character)

 Jessica Biel - there's something about this almost vintage looking wedding dress that get me.

 Emma Stone - standout dress

 Angelina Jolie: Initial reaction was shocked at a very un-Angie look, but by end of night, loved it.

And my FAV of the night was the fit like a glove, 
gorgeous gold studded details on Nicole Kidman's Versace dress.

Noticed, a lot of ladies kept the jewelry and makeup to a minimum. 

Last but not least, fashion rebel Tilda Swinton. Always fun and interesting to see what she'll wear.

All images via IMDB

Who wears short shorts?

Thursday, January 12

Shorts by  $85

Styled right

Wednesday, January 11

This vintage shop seriously knows how to style all their pieces. Presentation is so important.
I wish all Etsy Sellers especially for vintage clothes realize just how important it is to present your clothes in a way that people could envision wearing them.

 $15 and up.

My favs: Jason Wu for Target

Tuesday, January 10

Top $33   Skirt $30   Clutch $30

I can only hope they look, feel and fit just as good in person. In stores and Online February 5th.

See entire collection at Fashionologie.

Can't Stop Watching this...

Where would I be without YouTube keeping me updated on all the 
newest hottest dances from my home continent?

Azonto dance is apparently a very popular dance from Ghana.
As per Wikipedia, (another necessary life tool), Azonto Dance form incorporates complex co-ordinated body movement and non-verbal communication in a rhythmic fashion in very few one-two timed steps.
I have seriously watched this vid on repeat since last night and once I found track on Spotify, I've been listening to it on repeat. I know I'm gonna kill it.

If you got an IPhone

I normally avoid cases. In a way I think its kinda silly to get a really nice phone and then cover it up with a big bulky case. I mean, I get that it was probably expensive and you want to protect it from scratches, dings or even damage. I just generally don't like phone cases (different story for say an IPAD). At the moment my Iphone4 is caseless but that could change.

 From $39.99 by

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