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Fashion Against AIDS

Wednesday, February 29

H&M's now annual collection. 
I didn't care much for last year's outing. 
I almost feel bad for saying that considering that its ultimately for a great cause: 
to raise funds and create awareness about HIV/AIDS among the young.
The year prior was beautiful and I still love what I purchased, 
wished I had made it early enough for more of the collection.

I'll be looking out for these come April 26th.
It's H&M, so you know they'll be ultra-affordable.

From the Comments

Another lovely discovery from the comments section
London based

Check out her chunky necklaces
From $20

Breakfast around the World

Tuesday, February 28

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I have a love affair with food in general and breakfast especially. It is afterall, the most important meal of the day.

So, I was so happy to find this list of 50 of the best Breakfast from around the World 
compiled by hostelbookers.
Below are my top 5. Ultimately I would love to try them all.
See the complete list here- and let me know which ones you'd be inclined to try.

A Brazilian breakfast 
 a delicious selection of meats, cheeses and bread... 

An Egyptian breakfast 
the breakfast of choice here is Foul Madamas. It’s made from fava beans, chickpeas, garlic and lemon. Above you’ll see the dish topped with olive oil, cayenne, tahini sauce, a hard boiled egg, and some diced green veggies

A Bahamas breakfast 
to be a Bahamian breakfast it must contain grits. Grits are dried ground hominy, or corn.

Breakfast in Bolivia 
saltenas are a bit like empanadas crossed with Cornish pasties. They’re the traditional option for a Bolivian breakfast and usually filled with meat and vegetables, and slightly sweetened with sugar.

And last but definitely not least
The famous American breakfast
home made thick pancakes with syrup and blueberries, topped off with a few rashers of bacon.

In Anticipation

For Spring 
I'd luv to add:

Mex Tex dresses,
 More Mellow Yellow

And Tortoise Shades

Top: All ASOS
MIddle: All Piperlime

Now Listening: in French

She's just 22 but sings with the conviction of a much older soul.
Sweet like a 60's influenced Edith Piaf...
This is what keeps me sane when I'm going through push and shove on morning commute train.
This is make it OK to curl under my fleece blanket when my buildings heat start acting up.
This is make everything better music.
Introducing Coeur de Pirate.

Say YUM!

Monday, February 27

 Homemade : need I say more.

HAPPY MONDAY: Daytime Sparkle

Felt like a little daytime sparkle. 
Really enjoying this winter we're having.
Did a little cooking, cleaning, organizing- so I'm feeling quite fulfilled.

Ready for the Week.

BCBG Snakeskin bag: $50
ZARA Gold dress: $29
Jacket previously seen here.

Heads up: Giveaway

I haven't had a Giveaway in a while (sorry guys), but do plan on having them soon enough again.

In the meanwhile, TheGirlatFirstAvenue is having a pretty cool one in collaboration with Bottica.com.
You should definitely check it out, prize valued at $100.
Last date: February 29.

Awards Season: Part 3 - OSCAR

Sunday, February 26

Hollywood's Biggest Night,
Of course I'm watching
Starting with my Favs in MAKEUP

and HAIR
"Esperanza Darling, please share your hair tips."

Lovely in GREEN
Check out Viola rockin her short natural do-luvs it
And how amazing is Glenn?

Beautiful fit on Octavia


 GOLDEN Gals: I adore Meryl

I thought Emma Stone was actually very funny as a presenter, asking Jonah Hill to dance.

 Always a Fav- Michelle Williams. 
These pictures do her dress no justice. She looked STUNNING.

 Jessica Chastain from the HELP was my 2nd Fav of the Night.
Gorgeous fit, beautiful gold embroidered dress.

 And absolute BEST of the night for me was Rooney Mara. 
Even though I love Noomi Rapace from the Swedish version of Girl with Dragon Tattoo, 
Rooney Mara has won me over.


Thursday, February 23

So happy she posted in my comments. 
It's so easy to miss good stuff in the massive world of Etsy.  
Handmade everything from $45.

I think I'm gonna need one of these come Spring.

Skin worthy

Wednesday, February 22

Who doesn't love good for your skin, great smelling, adorably packaged soapy goodness?
Check out these original customer favs.

Ellies Handmade soaps at from $5.00

100% natural, vegan and handmade soaps - from $4.00


Tuesday, February 21

 Hope like me you had President's day off.
I hope you got all those things you thought you were gonna get done out the way.
You know, the long list of things you promised yourself a 3 day weekend would take care of.
Little did you know that it would be past 9pm, and your 3 day weekend would be over and most of your to-do list is still left undone.
Okay- enough about me.
Only four days to go- no WHINING.

 Blank Jeans from C21 ($39)
vintage Coach bag ($35), Earrings, and Oversized shades ($8) from Etsy
Blouse from Unnecessary clothing ($19)
Shoes from ($29)

Still color-blocking

Monday, February 20

Anyone who knows me, knows I love color.
So, naturally I'm loving BCBG's take at NY Fashion week.

Worldy beauty

Tuesday, February 14

Although, I already use Newstand for my digital magazines, 
I decided to explore Zinio as well, just for comparison. 
That's how I came upon Whole Living Mag 
and a very cool feature they did on beauty tips from the World over. 
I must admit, I'm slightly biased.  
Really happy to see Cameroonian model Naoumie Ekoko's tips on using palm oil. 
In Cameroon, palm oil is used for everything. 
From the soap we wash our clothes with, the soap we wash our skin with, 
the oil we used to moisturize, and the oil we use in our dishes.
A true all purpose oil.

I also loved reading the tips from the other ladies. 

I will be trying Davina's curative toner: 
1 part witch hazel
1 part apple cider vinegar
3 parts green tea
a few drops of tea tree or lavender essential oil.

 I might check out  few more issues of Whole Living, it reminds me of Real Simple (a fav)
Any of you read Whole Living??

My Ooops

Monday, February 13

Sorry guys- for lack of MONDAY post.

If  you follow me on or then you might already know.

don't get sick, won't get sick, can't get sick, awwh shucks- still got SICK.

Despite my best preventative Efforts.

Combo of dealing with a crappy FLU and some house projects kept me away from Computer all weekend.
Posts should be trickling in.

So much to cover, so little TIME.
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