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Monday, April 30

My fav part, one jacket, two ways.

Very a Propos: Joie De Vivre F21 t-shirt

yup- thats me, trying my fiercest

WHEW...well thats that.

red jeans: Zara ($35)
H&M Fashion against AIDS reversible jacket ($39)
F21 T-shirt
Target sandals 
Etsy  (gifted)



Sunday, April 29

I just noticed that I got a nice boost in followers
I just want to thank everyone who has ever taken the time to follow
It's so very much appreciated
I guess its not always a bad thing to follow.
I hope to keep bringing you worthwhile content, stories and more.

Insert picture of me CHEESING.

Jane Darling

Friday, April 27

I love women who make things happen.
And one woman who has always being doing just that is my lovely cousin Jane.
She's an amazing go-getter and really hard worker.
She recently almost single handedly opened her gorgeous Bed and Breakfast in Harlem.
I went to see her as she worked on transforming this massive and beautiful Harlem brownstone into a warm and cozy space that anyone would love to stay at. 

She only just opened and I'm really happy for her and excited about all the cool stuff she has planned for her place. 
She's got 5 bedrooms, most with private baths, starting at $175/night.
Gotta love it.

My kinda T-shirt

Thursday, April 26

African design shirt  


Tuesday, April 24

And cos those earrings by Starlight woods are so fun,
here's more stud wooden earrings from :

Dorothy perkins dress here,
wooden sunglasses also from Etsy shop:  $89 $85


Monday, April 23

beautiful Saturday, gorge weather
grabbed that Zara jacket I had my eye on.

What else to do on a pretty day?
how about something really sweet at Dough.

 Best doughnuts hands down that I've had. 
Tried them for the first time a while back at Brooklyn flea.
They're massive, they're soft, they're tasty.
I cannot tell a lie.

some baked goods in the kitchen

glazed original, dulce de leche almond, lemon poppy and cafe au lait.

practically inhaled that sucker.


With all that dough, had to go real easy on dinner
It is after all going to be bathing suit season real soon.


quick update on Barcelona

Sunday, April 22

So as it turns out, quite a few people were interested in Barcelona hotel stay, 
actually made me feel bad, that there was only 1 reservation to give.
The first person to reach out to me was the lovely willworkfortrips.
She was actually looking for a trip idea for her mum's 50th birthday
She's already in Spain, but in Madrid, and this could be a nice long weekend.
That made me feel so much better - who is more deserving than Mum?

Hopefully we'll get some pics and deets from willworkfortrips...hint, hint.

For the Love of Mayo

Thursday, April 19

I don't know why Ketchup gets so much love
I'm all about mayo. Like the Belgians, I like my fries with Mayonnaise.
(And they should know, after all they invented fries or at least thats what I think Wikipedia told me.)
Have to check out the new ALL MAYO, Only Mayo, ALL the time EMPIRE MAYONNAISE CO.
 that opened last week in Brooklyn.

They aren't playing around with their flavors: 
lime, lemon, white truffle, bacon, saffron just to name a few.

My mom used to make fresh mayo from scratch but I hate raw eggs 
and can't be a part of the actual process cos I'll keep thinking raw eggs.

But if you're up to it , try Left on Amelia's recipe:

or maybe try the egg free vegan mayo recipe at Elena's Pantry:

P.S.: there's an actual blog called For the Love of Mayo
I'm not alone.

A better wall

Would be perfect for my hallway.
Would be perfect in so many places.

Unframed Prints from $12


Tuesday, April 17

UPDATE:  This giveaway is no longer available.
We've selected one lucky reader for the 3 Night Stay in BARCELONA.

Thanks for passing this along!

Yes, this is FOR REAL.
You get a 3 night stay at THE MIRROR Hotel in BARCELONA.

So I mentioned a little while ago about taking a trip to Barcelona
Well, life is indeed like a box of chocolates and you never know what you're gonna get.
Without getting into too many long drawn out details, I had to cancel my plans.
Unfortunately, in my haste to book my hotel, I didn't realize it was NON-REFUNDABLE.

So my loss is your gain.
The hotel has agreed to let me change the name on the reservation and that's just what I'm doing.

MORE PICS of where you'll be staying:

What makes this really tricky is that its for 3 specific nights (not flex), April 26 through April 29.
Thursday through Sunday- a long weekend.

I realize as it's last minute, it might not work for most, so please spread the word.
If you have a blog, please reblog, tweet, FB or just tell your friends- tell ANYone.

Maybe someone wants to take a quick flight to Spain, is already in Europe and decides to train over, or maybe already lives in Barcelona.

Point is, I would hate for this to go to waste.

One last thing, I really want whomever decides to take this to actually use it.
The tendency is that if you get something for free, there's not as much incentive to use.

So please, only seriously interested persons.

I'll of course make sure person gets full confirmation of hotel reservation in their name etc.
First person (legit) to email me at gets it.


Thanks guys.

All images via Oyster.com and tablethotels.com

Jewel By Lisa

Cool behind the Scenes video of designer Lisa at work:

Seriously, how cool is this collection?
Even more from the J Label Spring/Summer 2012 collection:


Monday, April 16

Got braids again, because I had a vacation planned.
More on that much much later.
Anyways, it was a beautiful weekend.
Didn't get to take any pics until pretty much sundown.
Definitely a look I'd rock to work. More conservative shoes though.
Hope you all had a fun weekend.


 Top: random NYC shop
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Aldo

Take me to the Farmers market

Sunday, April 15

check them out here
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