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Topshop bridal

Thursday, May 31

It truly must be the season.
Can't get away from all things Weddings.
Not that I would want to.
Topshop's getting into the mix with their bridal collection.

Better than your average Tee.

Wednesday, May 30

                            By Etsy shop 

A laidback Affair

Hope you all had fun Memorial Weekend
Was in Florida for family wedding
It was a joyful and intimate affair.
Ended up not quite wearing a little white dress.

white jumpsuit and sandals: Zara

Now Listening: KIMBRA

Friday, May 25

May not be new to you
But new to my ears
And I like what I hear from this New Zealand singer/songwriter.

You may also know her from Gotye's "Someone I used to know" track.
I currently have this song "Settle Down" on repeat.
Check out the quirky vid:

What are you currently listening to?

Quote of the Day

Art Print by $21

Barcelona: Alls well that ends well

Well, some of you might remember my little Barcelona dilemma a little while ago.

I can happily report, (a few weeks late) that the very lovely Christian of willworkfortrips got the Hotel and she was able to spend some time with her stunning mum over a weekend.

Christian has been very kind to share some pictures from her weekend trip with Mum.

Love her hair

Seriously, how chic is Mum?

I'm not going to lie, I'm a  tad jealous, but you've just gotta love it.
Looks like they had plenty of fun.

So if you could take a TRIP with your mum, where would you go?
What would you do?

Green by 30Cancan

Thursday, May 24

Backpacks, Latin American Style

You know me, I'm always digging color, cool ethnic/tribal prints.
So of course, I'm all over these and at about $25 a pop,
not bad at all.

Only at

What a difference a RUG makes

Wednesday, May 23


If you don't read YoungHouseLove, then you should
Cute couple and their baby, detailing their fun home improvement efforts.
Been reading their blog for years now and they just really seem like genuine folks.

Well, I love this little switcheroo they pulled in their home.

Inspired to do the same in my bedroom.


key to my heart

Charmed by
charm necklace $35

From the Comments: Chic and Effortless

Tuesday, May 22

I may not respond to all the comments on here, but I read each and everyone.
It is my goal to respond to/address as many as possible if not all
It's not always possible due to my other responsibilities yada yada yada...
Anyhoo, just wanted to thank BeautifullyHuman for asking me to check out Aritzia.

I had heard about them, I know they opened up shop in SOHO
Even walked past it
For some reason, just never checked it out
Kinda how it took me 4 years to finally try Chipotle (not getting into that right now).

Well, thanks to BeautifullyHuman,
I checked out their site and now I'm going to make sure to check out the SOHO store.
Especially as I would like to see the clothes in person.

Note: while not outrageously pricey ($60-$200 on average), 
some of the items are on the higher end of my somewhat frugal shopping style

They may prove to be worthwhile for special occasions and the like.
I hear they are quite well made.
Will keep you updated on my experience.

FYI: Vintage Sale

Cute shop  


Monday, May 21

Hey all,
So lately, I feel like I'm always apologizing for something.
Not being there enough, Not blogging enough, Not calling enough, Not following up
This, that and the other
I think I read somewhere that women have a problem with being overly apologetic

"Many women make apologizing a habit -- 
either to avoid conflict, to please others, or simply as a social crutch"

"...issuing a steady stream of regrets not only trivializes a genuine apology, it can also undermine your credibility and confidence. "By taking responsibility for things that aren't your fault, you denigrate your self-esteem,"

I may have to work on that, not just here but in real life

So which one are you?
An avid believer in the apology, even if it  overly used  
Confidence Queen who doesn't apologize unless to blame.
Just something to think about as we start the new week.


Zara pants, Necessaryclothing top, Vintage Coach bag-Etsy
Vince Camuto Sandals $39 down from $119,  

Jane Darling B&B Launch Party and Win 2 Night Stay

Sunday, May 20

A few weeks ago I mentionned my cousin had just opened her B&B in Harlem.
I was so excited when I realized she was having an Official Launch party this weekend.
 Then I remembered that I have to be out of town.

Just cos I can't make it, doesn't mean you shouldn't...

especially as you get a tour of the B&B and you could Win a 3 days/2 NIGHT STAY.
So if you're in town, please stop by.

Here's the official word from her most recent press release:

Date: May 26 2012 , Time: 8:30
Raffle Distribution Tickets:10:00pm 
Silent Raffle Winner Announcement : 11:00PM  
WIN three day all paid stay at JDH
12:00PM Official Announcement and Toast and Party, Departure - Party Favour bags

Place: Jane Darling House, 2036 Fifth AveNew yorkNY 10035
Contact: Jane Egbe
Website: www.janedarlinghouse.com

The occasion which is to servas  an official introduction of Jane Darling House  into the Bed and Breakfast industry will be hosted onsite at the B&B located on Fifth Ave between 125th and 126th.

Let me know if you can make it, I'll be needing pics and deets...
and maybe I can get Jane to be extra nice to you (maybe).
As always, if you can please pass this on, mucho (sic) appreciated.

We have a winner: GIVEAWAY

Friday, May 18

Pardon the delay.  You know how it goes.

 (of Roaring my Twenties) said...

      Beautiful pieces!

Hit me up Terra at with your info.

And to all others as always -Thanks for entering. 
There's always next time.
Your participation makes continued Giveaways possible.

And most of all thanks to without whom this giveaway would not have been possible.

I see a different Africa

I love these guys
you have to check out
right this moment.
A trio collective from Soweto, South Africa, portraying South Africa as they see it.


Pssst: GIVEAWAY ends today, so ENTER

White wedding

It's definitely wedding season
I have another one coming up next weekend.
It's an All White early evening Beach Wedding.
its casual- chic,
cool and relaxed
and I'm trying to figure out what to wear.
Yeah- I'm last minute-ing it a little aren't I?


Zara- My usual go to. Great price point.

This one above speaks to me but I don't even know what its saying.
Yes: you're uber chic
No: is that a cape?

A little more conservative
Clean and minimal.
And finally my Etsy fav  is having a Sale, good time to pick something up.

I dont usually shop for Little White dresses...
So I'm a little out of my comfort zone
I better hurry up.
Will let you guys know what I end up going with.
Any suggestions?
 what should I check out?

Weekend Eats

If you're in NYC this weekend, then you might want to check out the Great Googa Mooga
a food and music festival in Prospect Park, Brooklyn: May 19th & 20th.

Looks like all the cool restaurants and chefs will be represented.

A sampling of the food to be served, images via NyTimes.

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