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Now Listening: ICONA POP

Friday, June 29

A lil Swedish dance music
Gotta love the Swedes

I hope to visit them soon
For now, i'll be listening to their music.

This time around its the ICONA POP ladies
Meet Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo (her pops is African hence the name)

images via joshmg and thisisfakediy

Love these ladies, really fun, makes you just want to turn music up and dance like you were 8years old
although not all the lyircs are quite 8 year old appropriate
But you get my point.

Check it: 

Do you know Della?

Thursday, June 28

I never tire of these stories
Meet the ladies of Della:

now check out their goods:

Della was founded by former fashion stylist, Tina Tangalakis, 
after a trip to Ghana turned into a lifelong decision to help better the livelihood of local women. 

Every dollar earned at Della goes toward providing employment, education and financial stability for poverty-stricken women in Ghana. The women receive a steady, fair income and are empowered through education via micro-financing, savings and entrepreneurship classes.

Their classic hobo bag is priced from $42 and up. 
They are sold on the companies site and also have distribution on sites like Modcloth and at Nordstroms.

Perfect for summertime.

Naturally dry

A few years back, my aunt suggested I try some non Aluminium deodorant.
She explained it was all natural and that most store brand deodorants 
may cause cancer and other health problems, something along those lines.

I reluctantly agreed (Lord knows I swear by Dove deodorant).
Boy, was that not a good idea.
I don't remember exactly where I was, but do I remember the feeling
when the all natural deodorant just flat out stopped working,not even an hour into the day. 
I felt horrid and stinky and swore "NEVER AGAIN".

It's been a few years now and no matter what I read about natural deodorants, I just never go there.
Until earlier today, reading the latest ELLE magazine issue, when I spotted this:

Screenshot July 2012 Elle iPad edition

Zimmerman's experience in many ways mirrors my own and now here she is swearing by .
Of course, as soon as I realized SoapWalla is an Etsy Seller I was sold in my head.
I should be placing an order shortly and I'm hopeful it works great.
Tons of positive reviews so far.
For $12, and shipping, its more expensive than my regular old Dove.
But if it is a truly organic, all natural deodorant, that works as described, then it might be worth it.

To be continued...

A Gift for You: just cos (Update-NOW CLOSED)

Wednesday, June 27

Because it's my birthday
Because I realized there's really nothing I want/need this year

Because my friends, family and hubby have all asked what I wanted 
and for some reason have refused to believe me when I say I'm good.
No shoes, no tech, no clothes, no bags (yikes) nothing really...

(although none of them was offering a trip around the world and paid time off)

and Because giving something can feel as good as getting

I'm giving one lucky reader, one little thing I realized I would appreciate for my birthday.

It's the NY Times 36hours supa dupa coffee table travel book.

Reading this blog, you may have noticed that I love to travel near or far.
Lately due to time constraints etc, I have to stay near.
So this NYtimes travel book is the best
I have always loved their 36hours travel features
And this one is just for the great old US of A.

You'll be surprised how many amazing places and things to see there are so close to home.
My copy is on its way and I can't wait.

Natalie of Book,Line and Sinker called it her domestic roadtrip bible
Seriously, look at the size of this thing.

image via booklinesinker

So, I'm looking for someone to share in the excitement of this little thing.

All You have to do is leave a comment answering:

What is the best gift you've ever received?

Winner announced 4th of July.
How very American of me....

no other rules or things to do
well, except be a follower (that's always nice too)

P.S.  Maybe I should answer my question.
I'm probably gonna get some flack for this from the hubby and some others as I have received so many beautiful, wonderful, expensive, thoughtful gifts, but the best one, was from a girlfriend. 
It was a framed picture of our crew of 4 girlfriends, while we were studying abroad together in Paris. 
It was just perfect and what I needed- the memories and just everything. 

All other images via Tashcen

Shani & Adi's minimalist touch

Tuesday, June 26

Pretty and So Affordable.

4th of July- whats your style?

The 4th is fast approaching
Who doesn't love a day off and fireworks?
I think I'll be at a friends roof...
or maybe by the beach
Still finalizing plans
For some strange reason, I tend to be stuck in traffic during fireworks pretty much every year.
Not letting that happen this year.

Some 4th of July flagspiration (doesn't have a great flow to it, but I'm keeping it).

American Apparel $25

ustrendy $42

 ustrendy $29,  $33, chicwish $30

  All Etsy: $20,   $18,   $56

Studded flag vest by Etsy shop $78

How will you be celebrating?

We Have a Winner: GIVEAWAY



these are gorgeous! i esp love the bracelets! 

Jacqueline, contact me at with your info

And to all others as always -Thanks for entering. 
There will be another giveaway shortly.
Your participation makes continued Giveaways possible.

And most of all thanks to Jennifer of The Glossy Queen for making this giveaway possible.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

HAPPY MONDAY: A smorgasburg weekend

Monday, June 25

This was a catch up on all home stuff weekend.
Cleaning, organizing, laundry and some family time and even got a little Pennsylvania hiking in there.
Not as much to share outfit wise... it got a little brown and dirty on the hiking trail.

Thankfully, I hadn't shared my quick Smorgasburg visit from 2 weekends ago.
Don't know why it took me so long to finally make it over there.
But I finally did.

I proceeded to stuff my face with the following.
Rest assured,  some weekends, I do other things besides being a foodie.
Warning -Picture heavy post:

There was so much more I didn't get to try.
I was already stuffed by the time we got to the back half of the market.

Couldn't help myself, how cute are they?

And as always, I like to end on a cold note...with some shaved ice.

All in all, a fun time.
How's your SUMMER shaping up?

Zara sandals, UO shorts, Random shop top, Etsy earrings, ASOS bag

Now Listening: Paloma Faith

Friday, June 22

I have to admit, I checked out Paloma Faith a couple years back when she released her first album and 
while I liked one of her tracks, I somehow forgot about her...not a good thing.
She was probably overshadowed by the likes of Adele, Duffy etc.

Well, there's tons of positive buzz around her new album and if this first single is any indication 
of what the rest of the album is like, then I can't wait to check it out.

P.S.  So the hubby says I only seem to love breakup songs. (inaccurate I say)
Let's forget I just recommended the breakup song above.
Thing is and I told him - its cos often times they're the best...all that heartbreak and emotion.
I promise it has nothing to do with my current state of mind.
Am I alone, or do you find you listen to alot of breakup songs?
(case in point, on heavy rotation currently, 
Lauryn's Ex-Factor, Damien Rice Blower's daughter, Nina Simone-ne me quitte pas 
and my singular all time fav song: Sam Cooke Bring it all home to me....)

I don't see anything wrong with that.

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