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Friday, August 31

You've got to listen to this chick. I love her sound. If you like SADE and quite frankly even if you don't (sidenote: what's wrong with you?) you should like Jessie Ware. I think I'm going to Kill her track "Wildest Moments". You know that thing when you play the same track over and over and over again. Doing that right now. And she's got so much other fun stuff. Loves it.

THIS or THAT: Color me confused

Thursday, August 30

Dolce Vita Lunna $79


Little to No reality TV: Close to 2 years ago I got rid of cable and that really helped make it much easier. I found myself wasting time I didn’t have watching reality TV. I must admit however, the reality shows dealing with creativity (top Chef, project runway)..I can still do, but I gracefully decline the scripted drama over made-for-tv relationships, insults and designer this or that.

Cooked Lunches: I don’t do this everyday, but not long ago I noticed I was paying for lunches that I didn’t even enjoy. I’d run to the deli next door, the truck, the this, the that and I would enjoy my meal less than a third of the time. If I’m going to eat (calories and all), I need to enjoy my meal. So now, I would rather pack something small I made at home and like (although a busy schedule might not always make this possible)…and if I need to buy lunch, I’d rather shell out a few extra bucks for something I would really enjoy as opposed to empty calories.

You don’t have to finish that: Dear mum, you raised me well, you taught me to sit at table for dinner until I finished my meal. Unfortunately, I am no longer a 7 year old who doesn’t want to eat her veggies, I’m an adult woman who feels guilty for not cleaning my plate. So, I end up eating more than planned cos I hate wasting food. At home, it’s easy, I plate a little at a time. But at restaurants…I feel that I have to finish it. I hate food going to waste so much that If I take it home, I still feel like I have to eat it before it goes bad. But I’m learning, if I paid for it and got satisfaction out of a half portion, then my money wasn’t wasted. I will push the plate away and declare, I’m full, NO MORE.

Pick- a size paper towels: Why do they even make the full size ones. I never need that much. I have to admit, I use up a lot of paper towels. I tried kitchen towels, sponges and such, but I much prefer getting a half size paper towel sheet to clean up little messes. When I get the pick a size it lasts so much longer. Last week, I inadvertently got the regular, color me Pissed.

Talk less, listen more: nuff said.

Read the news (REAL NEWS please- my choice is nytimes everyday): especially the international section: its important to be plugged into whats going on in the world, that theres more than just you and your silly problems (sorry, I’m sure many people reading here have real problems). I want to stay informed and educated…. I want to know facts and not just talking heads opinions, I want to be able to make/have my own Opinions. In college, my professor recommended we pick one reputable paper and read each day…I remember rolling my eyes. Who has time for THAT?

Store brands sometimes rock: There are many times I realize I don’t need to go with the fancy brand name. Guess what? I like Targets tomato sauce just as much as the more expensive brands… I actually prefer their animal crackers. Rite aid has surprisingly good Swiffer type wet pads and Key Food water tastes just as good as Poland Spring. Now sometimes the store brand is so cheap and bad that you really can’t compare (say NO to store brand TP), but I think they deserve a try at least once and you may find yourself saving some moolah.

Getting rid of clutter: its Ok, let it go, you’ll be fine…just let it go. You don’t want to end up on Hoarders, now do you? I try to clear out and clean out. Donate, swap, sell, just get rid of it. Take note of what you give up. Maybe you’ll learn to stop buying black turtlenecks cos you don’t ever wear them. You might find out that you have to admit burgundy is not your color. Why do we keep things, cos we fear that just as soon as we get rid of them, we might need them. Truthfully, that rarely really happens, we just remember the few occasions when it does. Most of all, seeing that you have bought things you didn’t love, never worn and have to get rid off, has helped me be more careful with my purchases. Don’t buy it just cos its on sale and Don’t be a hoarder.

Have you made any small changes?

HAPPY MONDAY: Sights and Sounds

Sunday, August 26

I did a lot of fun things this weekend. Hung out with mums, met  (great guy) and I got me a dress. There's some other real cool stuff I got to do Sunday but its a little hush hush right now. I'll share more as soon as I can. And last but not least, I was able to squeeze a quick stop by Afropunk 2012. It wasn't really part of the plan originally but it all worked out. We got there late, too late to get in (the line was rididonculous, around the block), but right on time to watch Jannelle Monae perform. She sounded A-mazing, and from what I could see from beyond the fences, on my tippie toes, like the other hundred or more people who arrived late was that she was also giving one hell of a performance. She really sounded great and had the crowd hyped. 

Yup, this more than made up for my eyebrow lady going away on 3 week vacation without warning. What am I supposed to do without her? Go to somebody new? We know that never ends well. I feel bad for saying this but poor thing is going to get it from me when she comes back. And on that brilliant NOTE...


Top: H&M  $10
Pants: J.Crew   $19 (sale)
Shoes: Vince Camuto  $39
Bag: Zara  ($39)


Friday, August 24

Will you be attending? Checkout just some of the lineup:

There'll also be skateboard competitions, food trucks, a thrift market and more. Hoping I get a window to stop by. Should be FUN.


Seriously, what happened to R&B  girl bands. Maybe I just don't know who the hot new girl bands are...but remember when there were so many...more than you could count from the 90's to the early 2000s. Envogue,TLC, xscape, 702, jabe, brownstone, SWV, Destiny's Child...and the list goes on and on and on. If you ask me today.....well, thinking and thinking and....crickets. So it's kinda nice to see this group from the UK. I like their fun vibe, super colorful 80's styling, and after listening to some of their live acoustic stuff, they can actually blow(not always a given nowadays).  You can tell they're enjoying their rise to stardom. Wishing them the best.

This "Black Heart" track got stuck in my head.

P.S.: shoutout to Abi from Long Island, lovely young lady I met on the train and she was so nice to me. Smiles.

Wednesday, August 22

New discovery. An absolutely chic and perfect little collection; . This is going on my must list. I don't have much information on the designer but I'm looking forward to finding out more... and the model is also doing her thang. Cute haircut and all. Prices $130-$200.

 Photographed by Kia Chenelle, check out her blog. She's pretty fantastic as well.


Tuesday, August 21

Love everything about this shot. Mother and Son...Solange as always cute...bed, rug, ottoman. LOVELY.


This: Dip-dyed Stool from SerenaandLily  $58
That: Aluminum wood side table from West Elm  $199 $159


Monday, August 20

Hello All, I think I broke the record for most consecutive trips to Ikea and Target. I took these pics in between my shopping trips. My mum arrives today and I basically spent all weekend doing some last minute purchases and some touchups in our little guest bedroom. Doing my best to make sure mums is as comfortable as possible. I am so excited, can't contain myself. It's been a year and well, there's going to be so much catching up, hugging, pretending to be a baby, inside jokes and of course my favorite foods from back home. Initially I felt horrid for bugging my mum to cook for me on her vacay...but she seeems so excited about it, it would simply be wrong for me to deprive her of that utmost joy. So YEAH, posts may slow down just a tad. I'll be spending some QT with MAMA....



Friday, August 17

She's not completely new on the scene, but she's very much a new discovery to me. She's my new obsession. I think you guys already know my music style (of the Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, retro variety). Can't wait to listen to more of her stuff and learn more about this gal. And she's also got some cool vids. Definitely a chick to know.


I guess I'm in a nostalgic mood. Santorini has to be the absolutely most beautiful place I've ever been.  Since there's so much world and only 2 weeks vacation each year... I generally advocate not repeating travel destinations. But there's always exceptions and the hubby and I promised ourselves that we would try to make a trip back on 5 year anniversary. I don't think 2 years has ever felt further away. Thank goodness for pictures to look back and dream a little more.

Hot, had to stay hydrated. Staying at Ikies was unbelievably perfect.
Everywhere you look, looks like a postcard

Doggie heaven, never seen happier dogs in my life, all they did was nap.

OK, i'm gonna snap out of it, in 4, 3, 2...
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