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Monday, December 31

Thanks for allowing me to share the journey.

natural hair naptural curly black 

Sunday, December 30

There were too many to count. A good way to see what I'm looking at and loving is to check out the above link. You'll see something like this:

Some of my other favs of the year included:

: the illustrations, prints of Tabitha Bianca Brown.

: Handmade Jewelry from Berlin.

: Colorful Clutch purses, wallets and more.

: Fun fun fun for a party

 : Textiles, Art & Illustrations. I would love to find a space for them in my home.

 I: Handcrafted designer Jewelry.

: Modern Eco-Friendly Textiles printed by hand.

: Gourmet salts, a little something special to add to your dinner.

Just a few of the Etsy Finds I'm in love with.  I've met, communicated with so many in the Etsy community and I think they're all so amazing and creative and I wish I could profile each and every one of them all the time. They have been essential to this blogging experience and I plan to continue highlighting them as much as I can in 2013.

MY FAVS of 2012: STAY

It wasn't the fanciest, grandest or any of that. But it turned out to be my best stop. After a few disappointing hotel stays our last few trips, all at places where we paid considerably more, it was nice to see that sometimes, you can be pleasantly surprised.

Ultra clean, excellent customer service, VINCCI BIT had everything we needed. It's really a minimal, no frills space but done right. Didn't feel cheap or like they skimped on stuff. The bed was uber comfortable and I didn't have a single complaint, which is pretty much NEVER.

Full disclosure, its not the closest to the city center, but its mighty close enough, just a few stops on the nearby metro. The metros come quickly and often, never waited more than 3-5minutes for a train.

Very young, hip, cool, even funky design.

And last but not least did I mention we paid $60/night. Thats less than a third of what our other lowest cost options would have run us. All in all, we were supremely happy.

2012: IN FOOD

Saturday, December 29

Goodness me... I'll do better in 2013. There'll be less sweets, butter, bbq and cheese. More fruits and veggies. Pinky swear.



The South Korean film above is Dancing Queen, available on Netflix. 

I didn't get to see nearly enough movies this year. But I seem increasingly drawn to foreign movies, no matter how pretentious that may sound. There's all kinds... violent, intelligent or just cheesy fun like Dancing Queen (above).  I grew up watching subtitled Bollywood movies, so subtitles don't phase me much. I have a few good friends who hate the idea of subtitles and I just want to scream that they're missing out on so much good stuff.  I have a much longer list than above, but that would be an altogether much much too long list.


Friday, December 28

New additions to my beauty regimen in 2012

 One.      Shea Moisture Purification Mask: lept my hair and scalp clean and my hair feeling super-soft.
 Two.     Tarte Primer: goes on smooth, keeps skin looking as close to flawless as possible, less shine.
 Three.   Boots Rosewater toner: A toner that cleans and doesn't irritate my skin
 Four.     I see why everyone loves this stuff. Didn't even need shampoo. Thanks .


It's like Netflix for Magazine lovers.

This app is for those who really love their magazines.  I've pretty much stopped paper mags all together, just much easier having them on my iPad, don't have to deal with the mess at home or squeezing them into my handbag.  With NextIssue, you get unlimited digital access to pretty much all the top newsstand titles for $10/month. Still unsure, try their 30 day free trial, thats what I did. Me likey alot.


Find DV and French Sole here.


Monday, December 24

Hi guys, long time no blog. This has probably been my longest stretch without blogging. Long story short, I had quite the work project these past few weeks and I was pretty much working 10-12 hour days, weekends included. Suffice to say, I'm ecstatic to be back to more a regular schedule, just in time for Xmas.

There was so much I wanted to do and share these past few weeks, they'll just have to wait. Right now, I'll be focusing on getting some family time and last minute gift shopping or gift fabricating. Hope alls well with all of you, your friends & family.

I will be taking it a bit easy the next few days, but its seriously bananas how much I missed this & you guys of course.

It's good to be BACK. 

Jacket: Silk Shop, Nassau Street
Booties: Urban Outfitters  $59
Jeans: Uniqlo   $19
Sweater: Forever 21  $23

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Friday, December 7

First up is Daley. I have mad respect for a guy who can pull of that hairdo. I think I was trying to recreate his style everytime I put my hair up. All kidding aside, he's been making some waves for a little while but I think this track he did with the already mega UK superstar Jessie J, might just be the extra boost he needs. Check out his other stuff as well to hear more blue eyed soul from this 22 year old Brit.

Second up is Haim. I love these girls, I love this track, its my new on repeat track, its got that pop, 80's, fun feel, think the Bangles, Go-Go's (am I showing my age here?). They are actually sisters (yup, another group of sisters) and pretty silly in vid...Thumbs up.  All of a sudden I feel like an 80's movie marathon.


Thursday, December 6

At ONLY $10
This seems like a pretty cool one. When you buy a Bogobrush, they send the same high quality brush to you and to someone in need so you both can enjoy a beautiful toothbrush. The brushes are 100% biodegradable. For $10 its a thoughtful gift for yourself and someone else.

A few more quick gift ideas under $50.

Left to Right
Top row: 
Around the world leather watch UO; Typography poster from ; Aromatherapy room mists from ; Fresh essentials trio by Fresh
iPhone 5 case by ; Printed Ipad case from Leif; I heart Africa pendant from
Wine Samplers from TastingRoom; Decorative plates from C.Wonder

Personal Pick: The wine samplers from TastingRoom. You can have these shipped to friends or family in elegant packaging. They get to try 6 new wines, maybe even something from the International collection or the Food &Wine recommended options, and for a really good price. Disclaimer...their shipping is a little high, but its still a good deal IMHO.

(better late then never, dont we all wait till last minute to shop anyways.)


Wednesday, December 5

Just had to share. In love with those walls, and YES, its wallpaper. 


Tuesday, December 4

Last but not least...
A quick Shoutout to aspiring Photographer of the blog MinisucleThoughts.
I bumped into her on train platform and she basically made my day, I'm amazed (amazed, I tell ya) when I get recognized, little old me...Please check out her stunning photography on her blog.

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