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Wednesday, March 27

So last year, I shared a peek into my space. I have really wanted to make a few changes, actually some major changes, but I have to remind myself to save all my grand ideas for when I get my dream home. In the meanwhile I have fun with textiles and accessories to switch things up.

Affordable rug from Marshalls ($49) and Pillow covers from Etsy and OneKingsLane.
Mirrored console instead of dark wood one.
Can you tell how much we love COLOR?

While I'm not looking to make any major changes, we're thinking of either getting a new cover for sofa or changing it up entirely. Below are some of our picks:

1. Thrive Taylor Sofa $1,899
2. JCP Happy Chic by Jonathan Adler $1,750
3. & 5.  Ikea covers by Bemz from $179
4. JCP design by Conran $950
6. Thrive Sullivan sofa $1,399
7. CB2 Avec sofa $1,299
8. Room & Board Andre sofa $1,899


  1. March 27, 2013

    love it,looks perfect,didn't know so much color could look this good.Thanks for sharing

  2. March 27, 2013

    Love the console table and design....Where did you get the table?

  3. March 27, 2013

    Your place is gorgeous Cyn! Good work. Have you checked out Justina Blakeney's blog? Her jungalow is beautifully inspired by color and I think you'd really enjoy it. Plus she's totally rocking a yellow couch in her house too!

  4. TidyupgalMarch 27, 2013

    I love the colors, your home is so bright and cheery!

  5. March 27, 2013

    Very cozy and colorful space.

  6. March 27, 2013

    really love your apt. it remains one of my home inspos. gosh, i can't wait until you get that dream home either. i bet your styling will be absolutely wonderful.

  7. March 27, 2013

    I loved the before pictures & didn't think it could get much better, but that mirrored table is awesome!!

  8. DeBorahdeb531March 27, 2013

    I love it! You are inspiring me to experiment with color. I always stick to neutrals.

  9. March 27, 2013

    OMG Gorgeous place.Very stylish.I love the pop of yellow out of everywhere



  10. March 27, 2013

    Beautiful Space. :D

  11. March 27, 2013

    Cyn, I LOVE your colorful living space!!

  12. AnonymousMarch 27, 2013

    Love it you inspire me and with every post you continue to remind me why am fan of your blog.

  13. March 27, 2013

    Gorgeous! Man...I wish I could spruce up my place, but no chance.

  14. nancy @ adore to adornMarch 27, 2013

    loved your before but the after is amazing!! I love the bold and bright colors. It makes the place seem so cheery. =)

  15. March 27, 2013

    I am going to use your interior as an inspiration for my future flat! I'll show your images to my beau

  16. March 27, 2013

    Wow your place looks amazing!! i have to get some of those pillows to jazz up our living area.

  17. March 27, 2013

    I love the new space especially the prints. I can't wait to creat my own.

  18. March 27, 2013

    Your new cushions are lovely. As for the new couches I really like the look of two seat cushions but I love the lines of that dark green couch (#6). When you're done feel free to swing by my place...I need some serious help! :)

  19. March 27, 2013

    I love your space :)

  20. March 27, 2013

    I love all of the colors!!!

  21. March 27, 2013

    i love the before and after! i almost bought that yellow west elm rug, but that blue rug is amaze! it really changes the look and feel of the room....and i can't believe what a great deal you got on it! love it!

    p.s. i'll gladly take that couch off your hands when you upgrade ;)

  22. March 27, 2013

    Your home is so vibrant! I love the color and patterns. Just lovely! Funny, I almost bought the black and white pillows from One Kings Lane. I'm so sad I didn't get them! They look fabulous in your home. Great job lady!!

  23. March 28, 2013

    OMG, this is the prettiest blog I have seen in a long while. You don't even have to ask me to follow.

    • March 28, 2013

      Thanks so much - means a lot

  24. March 28, 2013

    I'm sure this question will be asked over and over, but where did you get the clear (plexi glass) coffee table?

    • March 28, 2013

      It's from cb2, but I got it for fraction of price on good old craigslist

  25. March 28, 2013

    Gotta stick with a solid color, but it can be bright! Your place is great as it is. Really like it.

  26. March 28, 2013

    Love the colors! I have to admit that I am not as adventurous, but it is beautiful! I like the glass console too. It might be a bit of work to keep it clean in a house full of kids. My cleaning service would be grouchy with me!

  27. March 29, 2013

    TOTALLY LOVE TOTALLY LOVE!!!! Can't wait to see it in person when I come. Love you Sis

  28. apresnewyorkMarch 29, 2013

    Umm - can I send you a pic of my dining room so you can tell me what I need to buy to fix it up?? Challenge - Parisian stores, only! :) Love you. xx

  29. March 29, 2013

    I just love all the colors... It reminds me of when I used to live in Bermuda.

  30. March 30, 2013

    You have a great-looking place!

  31. AnonymousMay 06, 2013

    I love the royal blue rug...the space is gorg! great job

  32. July 05, 2013

    What a beautiful, colorful room! I'll be linking to it on our Living Rooms pinboard. Check it out at pinterest.com/homedepot.

    - Chante

  33. NinaSeptember 09, 2013

    your space is absolutely amazing. I keep coming back to your post over and over again. If you don't mind, Can you please share the source of your wall art? I am absolutely in love with your space. thanks.

  34. September 29, 2013

    could you tell me where the three prints are from?

  35. September 29, 2013

    LOVE this space. I am particularly in love with your three pieces of art above the couch. Could you tell me which artist/what prints these are?! I would love to have these in my home : )

    • October 16, 2013

      heya Kelsey, sorry for delay, i actually picked up the prints from Ikea, believe it or not. I think I spotted them still there quite recently. Thanks for your patience, means alot to me.

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