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Wednesday, February 27

is my new Etsy Shop Discovery. Such lovely handmade housewares. Would get the entire collection. Items from $8- $80.


Tuesday, February 26

For all you Beauty, SkinCare and MakeUp fans, introducing MAKE by We See Beauty. This one is quite interesting because the "We See Beauty" foundation is actually a non-profit organization dedicated to incubate and accelerate women-led, worker-owned cooperatives to drive large scale. One of their first brands is MAKE, a for-benefit beauty line intended to empower local economies and strengthen communities starting with New York. Beautiful, cool packaging, design and a great purpose. Gotta love it.

Treat, Prime and Paint.

Faces by MAKE
Pricing is similar to makeup brands you'd find at Sephora, so brushes in the $20- $40 range, foundation around $30 and so on. You can find more on pricing and availability on their site. Check it out.

EDIT:  We See Beauty Brand is separate from the We See Beauty Foundation. We see Beauty is the for benefit marketplace while the foundation is the nonprofit aspect that benefits women's cooperatives.

EDIY beauty guru face concealer bronzer new eyeshadow


Online now and in Stores March 15
Joe Fresh for JCpenney steal deals budget fashionista designer for less


Monday, February 25

Why the mean muggin? Just realized less than 12hours to Monday.
Oh well,  it's going to be OK.

I made it to Sunday with 70% of my to-do list complete. Feeling like a Boss lady. Got my organizing done, did a little something different to my hair (more on that later) and a weeks worth of meals cooked. The hubby and I will pack lunch every single day this week and its been a minute since we've been able to do that. Crazy how much $$$ one can spend buying breakfast, lunch and snacks.

In the car, I had to sit with the passenger seat reclined all the way back, apparently my big hair was blocking the hubby's view.

Is there something in my hair? Stuff keeps flying into it.


Zara top: $9.99 (sale)
F21 sneakers: $17
Jeans: Joe's Jeans previously seen here
earrings: Aldo
Jacket: Zara

naptural natural kinky twist out afro black hair 


Sunday, February 24

Starting off with my absolute FAVE. Charlize.
Short-haired girls are winning.
3rd in Line but just as Fine. Loved her since The Help and in everything else since.

Embellished Bust


Giving Good Face.

Gotta run. Enjoy the Show.

Academy awards, oscars 2013, best dressed fashion red carpet adele halle kelly rowland jennifer hudson, naomi watts, kerri washington


Here's one you should all add to your must-see list. I want to see this movie so terribly not only for the story of child soldiers in war torn Congo but for the young actress who has already won acclaim and awards for her performance. She's only 16 and was actually one of the many homeless children of the slums of Kinshasa, Congo prior to being cast in this movie.

I had seen a preview a few weeks ago and was going to follow up here and was reminded of the young actress while watching tonight's Oscars. Can you believe she only got her visa to attend the Oscars only a few days before the ceremony?

Accepting Actress Award at Berlin Film Festival

It's not often I get so moves just by a preview.
Watch the trailer below and you'll see within the 90secs that this young lady is amazingly talented.
So happy that she and the movie are getting the recognition they deserve.
It's probably going to be hard one to watch but very necessary.

Africa civil war movies child soldiers DRC

NOW LISTENING: One of a Kind

Friday, February 22

Now for something a little different from the usual on here. I'm in a good mood Friday and this video (technically from last summer) is too much fun not to share. G-Dragon in my opinion is like Eminem/Lady Gaga and probably bigger than the both of them in most of Asia. Watch video below to see why and let me know if I'm crazy for thoroughly enjoying it. Goodness me, I wish I knew what he was saying. Subtitles anyone???

Till Next Week.
K-pop big bang new music


Thursday, February 21

Find above here on Ebay and some more FUN options below: 

1. C. Wonder $68   2. ASOS  $21   3. Asos Cat-Eye  $17  
4. Madewell $55   5. Lucia by Super  $194    6.NastyGal $18  
7. ASOS $21  8. J.Crew girls $65


Tuesday, February 19

Hello all, Hope you had a fun weekend. I know some of you (actually, some of us) even had an extra day. I did some cleaning, planning, talking, sharing and oversharing. Some marathon TV watching, atleast it was supposed to be, but I kept passing out. I don't drink coffee but I might have to start just in order to catch up with all the good TV there is right now. But seriously, if one more person texts, emails, FB's me something to watch, don't know if I could take it.... I just can't keep up (funny, I think I just did that 2 posts earlier).

And to my NYC peeps who know it was freezing this weekend, I had my extra warm, full body bubble jacket with me.  So, HAPPY TUESDAY and look at it this way, Tomorrow is Hump Day.

Shirt & Sunglasses: Gap   
Pants: H&M   $12.95
Sandals: Target from couple years ago  $19
Sweater Cardigan: H&M from several years ago
Vintage Coach bag: Etsy

 team naptural natural twist out black hair kinky curly budget chic frugal red lip 


Monday, February 18

Gotta love Kate Spade, the bright colors, pretty everything, it's just so cheery. Unfortunately, the regular Kate Spade line is beaucoup bucks. Which is why I'm super excited about Saturday. Talk about this new brand began last year but I didn't see the point of blogging about it until we got much closer to the launch date which is sometime next month (March).

To my surprise, there's been a sneak peak sale on Fab. If you don't feel like waiting another month or so, then you may want to check out this sale. It ends February 20.

Some other items from the line:

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