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Sunday, June 30

I have loved and loved Google Reader, can't believe its done. Still such a horrible move in my opinion. If you follow this blog using Google Reader, please consider any of the following, would hate to lose your readership.

(highly recommended)



Friday, June 28

She makes what I call "makes me happy, makes me smile" music.  And seriously, no one else can rock or tie a headscarf like this chick right here. 25 years old and from Malaysia, she's been making music since 2008. I love the part about how she first picked up a guitar and started writing music while in law school (oh dem law school days). If you liked her older stuff you should like this as well, and if you don't know her, she makes for a very pleasant surprise. This is my kinda summer playlist.


Tuesday, June 25

As promised, here are a few pics of some of the beautiful people enjoying themselves at this past weekend's FEMI KUTI concert at SummerStage in Central Park.


Monday, June 24

Ecstatic to be back
Sorry about the dissappearing act. What can I say? Every now and then, there's just not enough hours in the day. Anyhoo, couldn't have picked a better weekend to get myself back in gear. Weather was perfect, although I'll admit there were some almost "goodness me, its really HOT" moments. But seriously, how dare I complain.

As most of the best things that happen in this city, going to Central Park SummerStage was totally a last minute decision. So happy I did. Even ran into some blog friends there...I'm talking about you Ashleigh & Co.  I'm sorting through pics tonite, so I'll have the Summerstage pics up tomorrow. 

 Here's to a HAPPY MONDAY and I'll have more for you guys tomorrow.

P.S. : the vain part of me wanted to photoshop the hell out of that little thingy on my face (someone's been enjoying way too much dairy), then I said to myself why bother, that happens to most/some of us, I'm gonna let it be.

Polka dot, lace top: Forever21    $15
Shorts: Uniqlo     $19
Bag: J.Crew     $50
Sandals:  Nine West from 4 years ago
Earrings: Etsy   $16
Sunglasses: C.Wonder


Monday, June 17


Friday, June 14

Because we're definitely going to be hearing more from her now that she . I say, what took so long.  So happy for her. If you haven't heard her Poetic Justice cover yet...well, you better. Dare I say better than Kendrik Lamar's version... I'm just saying.

Wednesday, June 12

To date, most of FEED's giving has gone globally to help hunger abroad. FEED USA is an offshoot program that aims to help feed the millions of hungry right here in the US. released the following shocking statistic: "Hunger in America exists for over 50 million people. That is 1 in 6 of the U.S. population – including more than 1 in 5 children."

For their collaboration with Target, all items are priced affordably most under $20. Some people are critical of these kinds of collaborations but from what I can tell, FEED has a history of doing a remarkable job translating sales of products into actual assistance. I appreciate how tells you what every purchase means in terms of actual meals to feed the hungry. 

In Stores: June 30, 2013


Tuesday, June 11

Well, here's the last of our travel pics. Our backup camera battery and extra memory cards definitely came in handy in Prague. We took the most pics by far in this beautiful city whose architecture had us oohing and aahing at every turn.

A few things I noticed, public transportation is super fast and extremely affordable. The trdelnik pastry is definitely one of my fave things I had the entire trip. If you're into drinking there were tons of pub crawls going on and apparently alot of great places for beer lovers. While not as culturally diverse as the other big cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona and Paris), people were generally very kind and agreeable and Yes as an African American couple you get a few stares, but it did not seem as if it was coming from a bad place, more curiosity than anything else. We're really happy we went and would recommend it as a stop if you're Euro-tripping.

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