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Thursday, August 29


Wednesday, August 28

I love dairy but dairy products don't love me. Either I'm breaking out or I end up with an upset tummy. My biggest consumption of dairy has always been the milk I have with my cereal ( I think I love cereal more than Jerry Seinfeld). After a few attempts at making the switch to soy milk, then almond milk, then rice milk, I basically just had to call it quits on my cereal love affair. And then a couple of weeks ago I spotted an adorable almond milk bottle in the dairy section at Whole Foods. I'll readily admit, it was all about looks and the sale they had was just an added incentive to try something new. 4 hours later and I'm proclaiming my love for Califia farms .

So I did what anyone would do, I emailed Califia for some gifted bottles of almond milk for y'all. Hey that way some of you (more accurately, 4 of you) could try it out for yourselves. So far I've tried and really enjoy the coconut and the vanilla flavors.

As usual I'm using rafflecopter cos it makes it pretty straightforward and easy to participate. Good luck!!

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Tuesday, August 27

I know, I know, it's still Summer.  What am I doing?
1.  Zara Leather Rucksack  $179.00
2.  RiverIsland   Leather Look Waterfall Jacket  $120
3.  The Outnet Leather and denim mini dress   $310  $144
4.   Zara Boots  $99.90
5.   Zara Sandals  $129.00


Monday, August 26

 Oh boy, what a Jam packed and ultra eventful weekend. I am pretty much about to fall over as I type on the keyboard, seriously sleepy. Here's a few quick pics and I'll load the rest laters. HAPPY MONDAY Folks!!!



Wednesday, August 21

Will you be attending? I should be. 
Last year was fun and I'm looking forward to the lineup this year as well as the cool crowds and good food.
Find more details on AFROPUNK 2013 here.


Monday, August 19

Hope you all had a nice weekend there, mine is a reunion weekend. I got my mum and my sis by my side.  I haven't been able to stop stuffing my face. Some of you might be able to relate to this cos as an African, when my mum visits from Cameroon, one entire suitcase is dedicated to bringing me food from home. I seriously need to pace myself. 

Anyways, the weekend was actually a little cooler than usual, had me worrying that summer is ending too fast. We even had one morning I woke up to 60degree weather. Zara sale was good to me as I grabbed this blouse for $19 which I rocked as a dress (kept thinking someone was gonna stop me and ask me where my pants were... so so scandalous). 

Oh and lastly, after my on Friday (4 year wedding anniversary), I got so many sweet, kind comments and well wishes. I couldn't respond to everyones comments on Instagram, 
so I just wanted to say a big huge THANK YOU. 

P.S. : didn't realize how much blue I wear till now.

Zara blouse: $59.99  $19.99 SALE
Vintage coach bag: Etsy
Necklace: H&M, $5.99
Vince Camuto Sandals: $39, last seen here

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