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Wednesday, April 30

It's , an InstaFave and actually got to meet in real life recently. YAY!!
Here's hoping this stays a weekly series.
Want to be considered? Shoot me an email -


Tuesday, April 29

Boston happiness and Exhaustion prevented me from having a post for Monday but I'm going to try to make up for that with this FrontRowShop Giveaway as Promised. I'll just tell you what I would get, then you tell me what you would get and  through the brilliant magic of rafflecopter, one person will win Any item(s) of their choice ($100 limit). Let's see what I would pick in the $100 range.

The Pleated Wrap Skirt  $76.00

The Convertible Trench   $72.00

The ShirtDress    $72.00

The White Dress   $63.00 +
And many more...   Bag $32.00    Earrings $20.00

As always, we'll be usnig rafflecopter. 
Visit FrontRowShop to find out what you'd like and ENTER BELOW

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Friday, April 25

Shared on Instagram
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Have a nice weekend Peoples, I'm going to be off to BOSTON!!!!


Wednesday, April 23

, an InstaFind.
Here's hoping to making this a weekly series.


Tuesday, April 22

FrontRowShop Giveaway exactly one week from Today. 
Just thought I'd give a little heads up.
Don't forget to check back in.

FrontRowShop StreetStyle


Monday, April 21

Getting the most use of all my black and leather (or faux leather) wardrobe 
while we still have a bit of a chill.

Red pumps Target $14
H&M faux leather leggings  $39 but had a 25% Off coupon
H&M icons leather jacket   Ebay
Zara bag: $199  $79 Sold out in stores


Friday, April 18

This Liverpool born artist is who I'm checking this week. 
You might know her from "Feels like coming home" used by Google.
Anyhoo, I won't lie, I'm also digging the hair she's rocking.


Thursday, April 17

I read every every comment, I unfortunately don't always get the chance to respond as much as I would like to. When I get to the computer- I'm trying to put up new posts and lately i just haven't had as much time as I would love to devote. So I feel horrid, that anyone would think that I don't care about all of you who visit and read this blog. Maybe it's because I don't fancy myself a hair expert, I've shied away from talking too much about my hair (the good days or the bad hair days). I have made a semi-effort here, here and here to share products I like and my regimen. 

So when I saw this comment from Anonymous, it made me think about whether I've inadvertently overlooked something I should be and could easily be sharing. 

Why so little all the time on the hair products, styling methods, etc.??? It's obvious readers are thirsty to see how you achieve your twistouts, etc. We're not asking you to devote the ENTIRE website to this, but DANG, at least throw us a bone. 

Answer: Anyways, so here goes. I gave a similar spiel on Instagram, but just wanted to share it again here.
Here's the deal on my defined twists- start w/ conditioned and wet hair. For each individual twist, I use pea size amount of Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie + small pump (not a full pump) of organix coconut milk mousse. If hair feels dry, spray water- we want this sucker wet. Try to keep both strands about the same size. I don't prescribe to any particular twisting technique, but I tend to twist more on the tight side rather than relaxed or loose. While a gel might give firmer hold- I find the mousse gives a healthy bouncy hold and hair looks fuller. Also my ends might get a little extra love with argan/ coconut oil and I trim a lil' everytime I twist- I'm not going for length so doesn't bother me. Oh- one last thing, the better your hair comes out after the wash, the better the twists- so your shampoo/co-wash/ condition steps are just as important. I had a bad conditioner experience and my twists looked dry and dead. 

I hope I've been able to address any hair questions and I appreciate all you guys patience with me and that u keep coming back- means the world. I know I've got so many bigger ideas for this space and if I could only ind the time. Thanks to all my extra special and extra loyal readers.



Tuesday, April 15

1. Cut-out Bookends at $22.50
2.  Elizabeth White chair from CozyDays  $399  $199
3. White Table Lamp     $166
4.  Mirrored Accent Table Target  $69.99
5.  Deer head Fauxidermy Z Gallerie  $49.95
6.  Owl Book ends   $29.95
7.  Moroccan Pouf, many options, has for $90
8.  White Lantern One Kings Lane  $15


Monday, April 14

Glad to be back after skipping last week. Y'all didn't miss much. There was a bridal shower, visits from family (miss ya Mi), loads of eating and more eating, travel plans for summer being sorted, a surprising new hair product discovery (I want to use a few more times to confirm that it's really doing what I think it's doing for my hair) and what's that last thing that happens every April... yeah Taxes.  I won't bore u guys with the details. I'll just keep it at, glad to be back especially cos we finally hit 70 plus degree weather in NYC- tears of joy.

Here's to a Quick Work Week.

Club Monaco Blouse: Sale $19
Zara Faux Leather Shorts
Jewelry: Mix H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Dubai mall
Lipstick: Ruby Woo Mac
Shoes: ASOS sandals, black sold out, gold available here.


Friday, April 4

Sometimes I forget to step outside of my comfort zone when it comes to music. This new discovery, Alsarah and the Nubatones was  a great reminder how much great music is out there in this great big world. Without much else as a reference ( I have to admit, I haven't listened to much Sudanese music), I love all the beats, it's like a hybrid North African, Indian, Arabic, all in one mix, with drums, percussions and Alsarah's sweet like honey vocals. Alsarah says her music is influenced by her life in Sudan, Yemen and the US (Brooklyn) and I just love that.

I dare you, let go of your initial reservations, listen to it back to back and let yourself get lost in it and it won't matter that you don't understand what she's saying. Music can do that, transporting us to places we've never been.


Tuesday, April 1

It close to that time of year for me when I start dreaming of a world without socks.
 I love me some sandals. Usually I stick to tribal inspired or clean and minimal. 
Some tribal inspired faves:
1.   H&M Sandals   $24.95 (online onlySTEAL
2.  Zara Sandals  $49.90
4.   Blink Studded Detail sandals   $75  $52
5.  Dolce Vita Viera Sandals  $69
7. Pieces Carla Bitter Yellow Zebra Sandal   $63

And some of the rest:

1.  Coconuts Jake sandal   $49.95
2.   Coconuts flat sandal   $45
3.  Steve Madden Comma Flat Sandals   $59.95
4.  Park Lane Simple sandals  $47  $33
5. London Rebel Gold Gladiator Sandals   $85  $52
6. Zara leather fringe sandals  $99.90
7. Forever 21 Day Dreamer sandals  $19.80   STEAL
8.  O'Neill Lowers sandal   $38
9.  London Rebel Gladiator sandals  $141  $97

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