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Saturday, May 31

This one has been a little while coming. My comments section has been filled with Emily King requests and suggestions... GFS and baby Zara know what I'm talking about. For some reason, I coulda sworn I had featured her before... my bad. Anyhoo, Check it- love the visuals.


Wednesday, May 28

My oh my, it's Carelia
The oh so fun and unpretentious mysmallwardrobe
See more of her insta .


Tuesday, May 27

Pardon my absence
This weekend was as perfect as a long weekend could be.
My mum arrived for her annual visit, time for me to recharge.
My sister also arrived the same day
And plane loads, train loads, carloads of family members arrived for my girl's wedding.
I saw everyone, I laughed harder and louder than I have in a long time
I danced harder than I thought I could.
There were stories, catching up, new life events, all the best stuff really.
And on the last day, on the Monday holiday, when everyone packed up to leave, 
when farewells were said- I headed to BAM- I enjoyed the weather, it couldn't have been more perfect.

Here's to Long Weekends.


Thursday, May 22

A little while back I mentioned how fun it would be to get a peak into the lives of others. How it's so easy to think we know what other people's (especially women) lives are like, what the morning feels like, what happens in their afternoons, how they make it all work. So I put it out there and I'm happy to introduce our very first installment. This day in the life belongs to Natalie of The Tiny Closet. I've mentioned her on this blog before (I'm such a fan) and was beyond ecstatic when she agreed to participate. So, without further a do, here's that peak into a little part of a Day in Her Life, as told by Her - in her words and pictures.

6am - 9am - the sun is on my face and I'm up.  Please, curls, don't be ruined... whew!  One less thing I have to do today.

9am - spoonfuls of watermelon while I grab my phone to catch up with my emails, IG and my fashion feeds.  Jot down ideas and clothing designs for blog posts for Fall.  Random thought of the morning:  should I get Marley twists??

10am - finally fully awake as I lace up my shoes to run around the cliffs of Elysian Park and listen to Drake.  Considering quitting everything and just dancing! Nothing pumps me up more than running fast through nature and listening to a good groove. 

If I'm not running that day, I jump into my favorite comfy wardrobe pieces and go with Theo to a cafe to brainstorm current projects.  

11:30am - haven't really eaten and craving protein... gotta take a shower and fluff up these curls though for my blog shoot

1pm - sustain myself on apples and peanut butter while I gloss my curls, spritz and bronze, bronze, bronze!  

1:30 - 2pm  - a drawn out contemplative convo with Theo on where we'll eat and shoot...  Japanese?  I can't walk there in heels. That Italian place ?  Bad lighting for a shoot.  Central Market? Too crowded.  This goes on for a while. Why can't we ever plan this ahead of time??  I bet Fashion Steel NYC never has this problem.

2pm - starving as I pose and walk for the photo shoot on the way to the restaurant. Shoulders back, chin up, suck in and smile.  Almost over and then I get food!!

3:30 - drafting my next pattern and fighting a slight food coma. Can't.fall.asleep. These patterns aren't going to draw themselves and I've got 3 more hours to go on this. Time for an iced coffee and then back to work!

If I'm not drafting patterns then at this time I'm running my usual 10mins late for work, which is just two blocks away - one of my favorite neighborhood restaurants...


And it's at this point, where we pull back and drift away. We can't all share everything, it's just a taste. Natalie had me laughing and nodding my head. Do you see a little bit of you? Is yours a little different. Well then, you can share by emailing me at . Major Thanks to Natalie for setting this off.  Can't wait to share more of these.  If you like what you see, pay a visit to Natalie at TheTinyCloset, for more and if you feel like drop a comment below. 

Till the next Day.


Wednesday, May 21

It's , Stylist and an InstaFave
She keeps bringing it with her style.


Monday, May 19

Well, that was quick, another weekend that quite literally disappeared.
I've got some cool stuff planned this week on the blog, so make sure you stay tuned.

Shorts: Forever 21
T-shirt: courtesy of Blog Sponsor Global Couture
Bag: vintage coach from Etsy


Friday, May 16

Time for a new M&M. 
Before we get ahead of ourselves, she's not a rapper.
But don't hold that against her.


Wednesday, May 14

From the CandyRoom


It's , an InstaFind who knows a thing or two about B&W.
Check in every Wednesday for more.


Monday, May 12

This had to be the nicest most perfect weekend in a long time. Although I did not get to spend actual time with my mum, it was so nice to know that she's physically closer to me than she's been in a long time (Texas, as opposed to Cameroon). It also made all the difference in the world knowing that she'll be right here next to me in exactly 1 week and 3 days (hell yeah, I'm counting). I hope you all got to spend your weekends with those you love the most. it's so necessary for the soul.

Dress, Pumps and Trench: all Zara
Bag and Earrings: Etsy


Friday, May 9

If you like Haim (hyping 'em up since 2012), Jessie Ware, 90's music, then you just might like Marlene. I'm probably biased cos she's Swedish. You might ask yourself, what's the connection? And you'll be right. Well, here's the thing. I seem to be semi- obsessed with a lot of things from Sweden. Case in point: IKEA, H&M, ABBA, Robyn. Case Closed.

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