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Friday, June 20

 Honest, Soulful, Pop is how he describes his music.
I'll let you be the judge of this 24 year old singer-songwriter, pianist and record producer.


Wednesday, June 18

In addition to everything else, she's also got some great photography on her page.
It's .


Tuesday, June 17

This shop just keeps getting better and better. Prettier and Prettier.
This is the stuff you put in a space and it immediately feels happier.
Want it All. 
For more, Visit LeifShop.


Monday, June 16

Hi guys, didn't get to edit down my pics from the NorthSide Festival this weekend in Brooklyn. Will have to share that later.  So this is really just a quick hello for now and more to come later.  Cheerios.


Gap Dress from 4+ years ago
Coach bag from Etsy
Forever 21 sandals


Thursday, June 12

What else could possibly matter? 
It's the World Cup. 
There's some people who are about to be M.I.A. from work, school, pretty much anything else they should be doing. Cameroon plays it's first game in a few hours and I can only imagine what things are like there right now.
Growing up, there wasn't a soul that wasn't glued to a TV or a radio.
It's only fitting that I leave you then with some World Cup music. 

P.S.: Who are you rooting for?


Wednesday, June 11

Today's Day in the Life belongs to Becca of The Style Remedy

7:30AM to 8:00AM – First morning alarm goes off. With squinted eyes, I scroll through Instagram to give me that jolt of [fashion] inspiration I so need to get me moving.

8:00AM to 8:20AM – I need coffee. Brew, baby, brew! Prep lunch, fill my coffee cup and get started on the daily beauty routine: SPF 50 BB cream, winged eyeliner, subtle gold/brown eye shadow, bronzer and my trusty hair straightener. Spritz on some perfume and arm myself with my jewelry for the day.

8:20AM to 8:30AM – Time to take the little monster on his morning walk. Why did that lady feel the need to point out that Beemer’s a “big” chihuahua? He’s not fat, he’s... sturdy.

8:40AM to 9:00AM – The half a mile walk to the subway station is somewhat of a obstacle course. Dodge the dog poop on the left, watch out for the small child on the scooter on the right, overtake the businessman enveloped in work email coming through his iPhone that’s walking with his head down.

9:00AM to 12:00PM – Finally arrive to the hospital, check phone messages and work email. Have any of my patients checked in? Yes, here. Throw on my white coat and head downstairs to the clinic.  Prep my note while they’re getting their vitals taken. Spending one-on-one time with patients to counsel them on their medications fulfills me. Being a part of the healthcare team that manages their chronic disease states, including diabetes and high blood pressure, inspires me.

12:00PM to 1:00PM – Matt comes over to the office to meet me for lunch (lucky for me, he works in the same hospital). Lunch today is last night’s leftovers, lemon pepper baked chicken with broccoli and potatoes. We’re still discussing last Game of Thrones episode.

1:00PM to 5:00PM - Check email and phone messages again. Call in prescriptions, prior authorizations to insurance companies, remind patients of their upcoming clinic appointments, meetings and it’s almost time to call it a day!

6:00PM to 7:00PM - I’m loving these long summer days. I plan my outfit in my head for a quick photo shoot after walking Beemer again. Which blog spot is it going to be today? You see what I did there?

7:00PM to 8:00PM – Oh, motivation where are you? I put on my headphones and turn it up full blast and look to Drake and Beyonce for gym-spiration as I walk to spinning class. I loove to get 2 on..

8:00PM to 9:00PM – What day is it today? Oh well, I’m still making taco salad for dinner. Taco Mondays just doesn’t sound as good as Taco Tuesdays though.

10:00PM to 12:00AM – So full and tired, but so excited about editing today’s photos. Just one more edit, then I’ll get ready for bed. I promise..

How does she do it all?
I quite literally felt inspired to try harder reading all that she accomplishes in a day.
Working out, blog shoots, chatting about Game of Thrones (how insane was last weeks episode?),
not to mention WORK.
Thanks to Becca for letting us take a peak.

So what's a day in your Life?

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